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What to do with your old CDs – musicMagpie to the rescue #sponsored #music

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.

I can remember how cool I thought CDs and DVDs were when they first came out(not that they’re still not cool – it’s just now they’re a bit “old school”). Today, though, we use our DVR, net-streaming, and Spotify, etc., for all our movie, TV show, and music entertainment.

I do know a lot of people still listen to CDs and even collect them… just like many people collected (and still do) albums back in the day. I’ll date myself here, but yes, my youth was spent listening to albums or records on my little record player in my bedroom. Ah, the memories.

My son, however, has never listened to a CD, although we have tons of them. We listen to music with our iPod, iPad, iPhone, and through our laptops via Spotify, so he isn’t familiar with CDs.

So my dilemma is…. What to do with all these CDs, DVDs, and games? I think I’m going to sell the CDs for extra cash. If nothing else I can put the money into my son’s college fund. Every little bit helps, right?

As an added bonus I’ll be de-cluttering.  I’m all about streamlining, de-cluttering, simplifying our lives this year.

Our CD collection is cataloged and easy to sell, once I go through the DVDs and my husband and son goes through the games, I’ll sell them, too, thanks to musicMagpie.

MusicMagpie is a website that lets you sell your unwanted CDs, as well as DVDs, games, and Blu-rays. It’s super easy to sell your CDs online with musicMagpie — just enter the barcode of your item into their valuation engine and get an instant price. Or scan the barcode of your CDs using your webcam, or download their free app and turn your iPhone or iPad into a quick and easy barcode scanner. Now what could be easier than that?

And the best part… it’s free. Plus shipping your items is free, too. Seriously.

You will receive the total value of your items sold via check. All you have to do is enter your name and address, no supplying personal bank details. Easy peasy.

My absolute favorite thing about musicMagpie is that they recycle our unwanted items. So by selling our unwanted CDs we are helping the environment…

DVDs, CDs & Games are almost 100% recyclable. The items we recycle are made into all sorts of everyday items and we’ve already made 2.6 million ballpoint pens, 1.1 million traffic cones and 7.2 million golf tees
in the last 12 months.

To help cut down on paper usage, waste and reduce our carbon footprint, we can email our customers with their Welcome Pack rather than it being posted. We also recycle all the cardboard and paper we use, and the amount we’ve already recycled would weigh the same as 3.2 million green apples!!

If you’re like me and need to de-clutter and get rid of unwanted CDs, DVDs, and/or games or maybe you need some extra cash, check out musicMagpie.

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