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What Do Your Shoes Really Say About You? NickMom #Motherfunny #shop

I like to think of myself as a #MotherFunny (you know, a funny mother). Well at least I know how to laugh at myself. And I know my family and friends laugh at with me all the time. One thing is for sure, I do love to laugh. It’s why I love NickMom so much.

When my son is done watching Nickelodeon and he’s in dreamland and I’ve got everything ready for the next morning (which is around 10pm), I get some “mom” time with Nick to get my laugh on.

I do think moms have a unique sense of humor. We have to really. We deal with bodily fluids, no time for ourselves, multi-tasking on a grand scale, because we have so much to do every day, and add in being chauffeur/nurse/teacher/counselor, to name a few… Every. Single. Day.

If I didn’t laugh, I’d just ball up like a baby and cry and never get out of bed. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but seriously, laughter is what gets me through those tough days. NickMom gets it. Like this LOL photo of what toilet paper is used for. Tee-Hee.

I also love this ‘What Do Your Shoes Really Say About You?’ chart on….

I’m a shoe wh-wh-wh… hoarder. Did you think I was gonna say something else? Being the shoe addict lover I am, this got me to thinking about what the shoes I wear often say about me.

Hmmmmm, let’s see:


I can’t afford Louboutins, and even if I could, I’d rather buy several pairs of shoes for the price I could buy one pair of Louboutins. #JustSaying. But I do love a good pair of stilettos. Yes, they kill my feet, but dang they sure do make my legs look good.

Closed Toed Summer Shoes

They can be wedges, kitten heel, stilettos, or somewhere in between, slip-ons or ankle strap (no, I don’t like the ankle strap because I like being tied down – no bondage here – but I’m not crazy about my feet and I feel like the strap visually separates my foot from my leg, so the attention is drawn towards my legs, not my pitifully abused feet from years of wearing high-heeled shoes).

What they really say is, “I didn’t have time for a pedi”.

Flip Flops

I live 400+ miles from a beach, but I’m a laid-back, beach lovin’, Margaritiville singin’ wannabe. I’m really just preparing for the day I retire to a beach and become a real beach bum.

And finally, I have to add my footwear of choice in the fall and winter months — the boot.


These boots were made for walking…. well, if the zombie apocalypse hits and I turn into a zombie, I hope I’m wearing boots. Since zombies do a LOT of walking. But my luck, I’d be roaming the earth as the undead in a pair of stilettos!

If I did survive the zombie apocalypse, my legs would be protected, and my feet would be comfortable outrunning the (slow-butted) zombies.

So there’s some of my favorite shoes and what they say about me. What do YOUR shoes say about you?

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