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What Can Your DNA Tell You?

One of my favorite subjects in high school was Biology. I especially loved when we studied genetics. I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us look and act like we do. I know I got my eye color from my father and my stubborness from my Mom.

I have traits that I’m not sure what side of my family tree they came from though… I’m sure they are a combination of several different people in my family’s lineage to give me my own uniqueness.

Our DNA is important. And now with at home DNA testing, it has become more popular and easy for anyone to obtain.

How Does It Work?

Companies send a test kit to your home, and you return the kit with a sample of your DNA, and the results are then delivered back to you.

Why Do You Need To Know Your DNA?

DNA testing is used for primarily two purposes — Paternity and genetic predisposition to a certain condition. The latter is the one that I would be interested in, like am I predisposed to getting breast cancer?

At home DNA test kits are always confidential, too.

Check out this infographic on What Can Your DNA Tell You?:

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