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Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Last-Minute Wedding Dress on a Budget

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No bride wants to think about pinching pennies on her wedding dress, but something has to give when planning a last-minute wedding. If you find yourself planning for your big day without much time to pad the budget, there are five things you can do to make the day perfect regardless of the time and money crunch.

1) Invest more time and physical labor so that you don’t have to pay others to work for you. This might include making your own bouquets with fake flowers rather than buying them fresh from the florist. This also saves you from paying for expedited services from a florist when ordering last minute. You an also make table centerpieces, place cards and other decorations for your reception.

2) Allow members of your bridal party to recycle dresses and shoes. If they already own something that fits your color scheme, there is no need for them to buy something new. As long as you don’t require every member of the party to wear matching outfits, you may adjust your color scheme to fit items they already own.

3) For the items you absolutely want to purchase new, shop sale items and try to add coupons and other discounts. Find websites for your favorite bridal companies and sign up for their email programs. You will often receive discounts and coupon codes through those emails. You may also find exclusive online sales and amazing clearance prices through online bridal shops.

4) Differentiate your needs from your wants. Before making a purchase, ask yourself if that expense is necessary. Is it something you truly need? Or is it something you would like to have but could sacrifice in order to free up money for other necessities?

5) Make use of your connections. If you let it slip that you need an affordable venue, DJ or photographer, you are likely to find someone in your social circle willing and able to help you out. Your friends and family members may volunteer to connect you with professionals they know will offer a discount, but you have to make your needs known.

This is not about looking for handouts. You can provide exposure and marketing for those willing to help you out.

Some of these tips may help you more than others, but give all of them serious consideration. Your last-minute wedding doesn’t have to look last minute if you plan appropriately and make smart buying decisions.

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