Timbuktu Magazine iPad App for Kids – Review #sponsored

This educational app review has been brought to you by Timbuktu Magazine….

As a mom, former educator, soon to be homeschooler, and huge fan of the iPad, I love finding educational apps. In fact, I’m always on a quest for new apps that will inspire my son’s imagination, as well as encourage learning.

We are huge proponents of reading. You will find someone reading something at any given moment in our home, at any given time. I read to my son in utero, and he picked up that love of reading at a very young age.

One thing I miss is magazines, but once we got the iPad, we just quit subscribing to magazines. It’s just easier and more convenient (not to mention, more environmentally friendly) to read magazines on my iPad.

This is why I love the Timbuktu Magazine iPad app. It’s the perfect marriage of the two… an educational magazine app.

Timbuktu Magazine is for 7 to 10 year old children. Although younger children would easily appreciate this app with the guidance of a parent. And  a child slightly over ten could benefit from the app, too. My son is ten, but reads on a high school level — so although he thought it looked like a lot of fun, he would not get much from Timbuktu.

I think most kids between the ages of 7-10 will love the vivid, colorful illustrations, get caught up/carried away by the stories, and never get bored with the activities found in the Timbuktu Magazine. They will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning.

I am a firm believer that kids learn easier and retain more by hands-on learning. The Timbuktu app encourages interaction… a high tech hands on learning.

Check out the April issue preview video to see for your self how incredible this app is:


The app includes free content updated monthly. Further content is available via a monthly subscription of only $4.99 a month (which includes the previous months) or a yearly subscription at the low price of $29.99. Get it on the app store here.

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post but all opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.


  1. I like living in the digital age. I wonder what will be around in 30 years for children.

  2. Cute! We need an iPad for our road trip in July. Bored toddlers and car seats don’t mix!

  3. My son is 7 and we are looking for ways to keep up on his reading this summer. He likes chapter books, but also loves playing on the ipad. This app would be perfect for him, thanks for sharing!

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