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Think You’ll Never Use What You Learned in School?

Guest Post

A lot of subjects that people learn in school seem pointless at the time of the lesson. However, this does not mean that you will never again use the information. Algebra comes up surprisingly often in real life and having a solid understanding of English is undoubtedly useful.

The reason that subjects seem useless in school is often because students know they will never need exactly what they are studying. In most cases this is true but it doesn’t mean the lesson isn’t useful. Dissecting a frog is probably not a situation that will come up again after high school biology but knowing something about how animal and human bodies work will be useful the next time you get sick.

Many students believe that they will never use higher mathematics again because there are calculators to do the job for them. However, if the calculator makes an error and you don’t know higher math you might not notice. This could be a big problem if the calculations you are doing are for your tax return!

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