Things to do With the Family this Fall

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Fall is a wonderful time to plan some outings with the whole family. The beautiful, cooling weather makes it ideal to spend time outside, and the timing could not be better to reward the kids for a successful back-to-school transition. Whether through a day outing or a long weekend mini-vacation, families can have great fun and a bonding opportunity by taking advantage of some of the activity ideas that follow.

Families can all enjoy an old classic activity: visiting the pumpkin patch. The great thing about this activity is that it keeps on giving. When the family gets home with their pumpkins, they can then plan out crafts and other activities to do with their loot. The actual pumpkin patch day is fun for the whole family and can often include other activities such as corn mazes and wagon rides. Using the pumpkins at home is not limited to decorations and pumpkin painting. A whole family activity can be making a variety of recipes with fresh pumpkin as the main ingredient.

Artistically-minded parents and young children can enjoy a trip to The Crayola Experience in Easton Pennsylvania. The kids can spend the day learning about the way crayons are made and completing craft and coloring projects. The themes and some of the exhibits of The Crayola Experience change seasonally, so families will always find something new. If the plan is to stay for a weekend, families can also take advantage of many other local area attractions including fun parks and museums.

Families with adolescents can also plan to attend a concert for family night. Surprising the kids with Gotye tickets, for example, is a sure way parents can get their teens excited about spending quality time together, something teens are often opposed to doing. The family can make it a whole night affair and dine out before the concert, then enjoy the music together. Getting the right tickets, to a popular band the kids enjoy, is one way to show the kids that parents are listening and paying attention. Parents do not even need to leave the comfort of their own home to purchase these tickets if they use an online ticket service like Stubhub to acquire the family’s concert tickets.

For those that enjoy a good scare, taking a weekend family trip to the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, chosen as one of the creepiest places in America, is a good way to celebrate Halloween. Families can opt to only take a day tour at the house, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, or for an authentic haunted house experience, they can stay overnight to experience all the paranormal activity going on at the house. If staying the weekend, families can also take advantage of the many other activities in the area, including trips to Boston, Providence and Newport, Rhode Island.

Thinking creatively is the key to finding the right activities to complete with kids. The first step is to find what really interest the kids. The second is to find the right events to match these interests. The third is to go as a family and have fun.


  1. I love the fall and some of these ideas awesome

  2. thank you for the ideas. this is the best time of the year where we live and outdoor activities and ideas are a must!

  3. Oh neat! The Crayola Experience sounds fantastic!
    That reminds me of a Mr. Rogers “Picture, Picture” movie about how
    crayons are made! <3

  4. I wish I lived in Pennsylvania so I could take my kids to the Crayola Experience. I remember that from an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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