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The Time I Lost My iPhone & Went Crazy #BecauseCrazyHappens #ad

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Asurion. However, every detail in this post is true. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent….

Well, I went crazy for about an hour. See, the day started out like any other vacation day with some time in the sun, frolicking (okay, frolicking may be pushing it) in the ocean, and building sand castles.

Later we decided to go shopping at a local outlet mall. Mama needed some shoes — no I really didn’t NEED shoes, but I have an addiction that needed fed. So off we went shopping. About half way through walking the outlet stores we got something to drink and sat down on a bench to refuel for the second half of our shopping extravaganza.

After a few minutes of rest and shopping bags in hand, off we went. My husband and son went in another direction since they were not into looking at shoes and other “girly” stuff.  I perused a couple of shops and after leaving the third store I look in my handbag for my phone to call my husband.

No phone.

Oh. Em. Gee!

Where IS my iPhone? I find a bench and give my bag a thorough look. No iPhone. Ugh!

How could this happen? I couldn’t call my husband to see where he was or tell him where I was, so I just walked back to a central area where at some point he would more than likely come by. Sigh.

He finally shows up to a half-crazed woman. Hey, I’m not proud, but it is what it is… my iPhone is my life line. And I felt like I was sinking. I needed my phone.

We backtracked everywhere we had been since I last remember having my phone. I asked every sales clerk in every store I had been in if they’d seen it, to no avail.

We located the outlet office and discovered that a security guard found it on a bench (the one we stopped to refuel at) and brought it to the office.

Bless you dear security officer!

It is times like these when I could have used Asurion Mobile Protection. It sure would have given me a little peace of mind. Since Asurion Mobile Protection offers unique iPhone protection that covers things like drops (and if you know me and/or are a frequent reader, you know that happens a LOT, too), spills, theft, AND lost iPhones.

Check out this infographic on cellphone theft, it’s staggering.

Although I’m generally pretty good about keeping up with my phone and trying not to drop it, accidents happen. They just do. So it pays to have a mobile protection plan like Asurion.

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