The Fun Adults Can Have with Children’s Games

Guest Post

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to relax a large group of adults, sort of to break the ice, is by letting them take part in a game that is actually targeted specifically at children.  It breaks the ice because people are forced to once again get in touch with their inner child, a person that we all try so hard to contain within ourselves.  However, the ties with our childhood are actually still in place, so you are almost guaranteed that this activity will be a success.  The point is that if people get back in touch with their inner child, they are able to relax and become a lot more creative.

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Outdoor Games

One of the games adults still love to play when they are outside is kickball.  This is simply a group of people standing in a circle, kicking the ball to one another.  However, feel free to come up with some suggestions for outdoor games.  Capture the flag is always going to be a great idea but then so is British Bulldog, Red Rover, Hide and Seek or simple Tag.  Best of all, come up with these types of games and you will be an instant hit with your fellow adults, because you were the one that was daring enough to suggest this game.

Board Game, Monopoly

Indoor Activities

Naturally, the weather or size constraints may mean that you can’t play outside.  Luckily, adults like indoor games as much as outdoor games, even more so if they can have a little drink with it.  Get some grownups to play the Game of Life, Ludo or Mouse Trap and you’re guaranteed to be a hit.  Perhaps raise the stakes a little bit and add a gambling element, for instance.  You could also have a couple of tables with different games on each table.  You will soon find that people start networking, beating one person at Hangman before losing horrible at Risk.  It is all part of the enjoyment and makes people have fun and loosen up.

After You’ve Organised It

One thing that stops many people from organising children’s games for adults is that they are worried that the game will fall onto deaf ears.  The other adults in the group will look at you as if you are stupid and simply refuse to play.  This is something you shouldn’t worry about.  As said earlier, deep down inside, people want to let their inner child come back out and play.  Best of all and this is particularly true if you are playing outside, people will notice what you are doing and come over to ask what’s up.  You will notice other adults telling them what’s happening and inviting them to join in.  Never worry about nobody taking part, there will always be one and he or she will infect the others.

If you are still worried about whether or not this sort of thing will work, try a little empathy.  How much would you enjoy going through a field again, running through the mud?  Or how competitive would you get if you can play Monopoly with like minded people, instead of having to lose on purpose because you’re playing with your child?  And, be honest, how much would you like your inner child to just come out and play, even if it is just for a short period of time?  That is exactly how other adults feel too, which is why these types of events are such a great success.

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  1. They’re playing tag, right? My daughter’s favorite game.

  2. One of the great things about being a parent is being able to play games again (or for the first time) . So yeah I can see the wisdom of this.Just thought it was me longing to play kids games again. Glad it is not so

  3. Great tips on getting adults to engage, such a shame that we get so self-conscious when we are older, we all need more fun in our adult lives!

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