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Teaching Music To Children Linked To Higher IQ

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Many parents teach music to children for the benefit of allowing their children to have an extra skill throughout life. Recent developments show that learning music at a young age is linked to higher academic performance, increased IQ scores and better performance later in life. Supporting the overall wellness and mental health of a child begins at an early age.

Importance of Music

Music is huge in the lives and raising of children. Music can mold the whole life of a child. It can shape the entirety of their life. They may fall in love with an instrument and never put it down. It can be a way to pay for college or a way just to stay out of trouble for some kids. But for most, Music is a release. It can help you forget and just live inside the music and express yourself exactly how you’d like in a more constructive manner. Having music in the lives of young children is priceless.


Kids learn and build fundamentals based on their surroundings. If you nurture a child in a positive fueled musically inclined environment. Music is an integral part to human development. Many research shows and I’m sure you have heard before that playing Beethoven or classical music to the baby before it has been born has shown beneficial. And while some of these claims aren’t necessarily true there is most certainly a foundation among them.

Music is shown to improve the focus and intelligence level among young children. Playing a musical instrument such as a Piano has proven to give younger kids a sense of commitment and discipline that they wouldn’t normally get any other way.

Learning While they are Still Young

Similar to how younger children have a much easier time learning a second foreign language, they also enjoy the benefits of being able to learn music at an accelerated pace as well. Research shows that kids who get involved in music at a young age tend to keep playing music and enjoy the benefits of learning it as well.

As many adults know learning a new instrument past a certain age can be a very arduous task so why not give your kids the benefit of already having a solid foundation of a musical instrument and be able to express themselves freely. Learning at a young age while their minds are still open to new ideas and concepts is a great thing to do, even if your child doesn’t like it at first.

Learning how to play the piano helps children build strong fundamentals and a very strong work ethic for the future. Also studies have shown that understanding how to play an instrument is very beneficial in future learning of even different concepts, specifically math related. Children who know how to play an instrument typically excel faster in math classes than students who cannot play an instrument.

So why not just start with the basics and grab a few piano worksheets for your kid to learn and just let them go and run with it.

This article was written by Ben Falk – Staff Writer, Piano Player, and Foot Detox Expert for

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