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This hunt for the perfect wedding ring post has been brought to you by Whiteflash….

I’ve written before about how I’m in search of a new wedding ring since losing mine. I’m not sure if “losing” it is the correct term. We know what happened to it. To make a long story short, here’s the jest of it — We have a Great Pyrenees. When she was a puppy we kept her in the house. I have contact dermatitis (no connection whatsoever with our dog). One day my hands/fingers developed a rash from a new lotion I tried. It was so bad for a few days that I could not wear my rings.


I happened to be sitting on the couch in our family room at the time that my hands were itching like mad and took my rings off. Silly me laid them on the end table next to the couch. It was at least two days later before I remembered where I took my rings off and when I went to get them, all I found was my engagement ring.

We searched and searched. To no avail. Both rings were together (removed at the same time placed on the same table), but my wedding band was no where to be found. Since more than 48 hours had passed before I realized it was gone and Coco (the wedding band eating Great Pyrenees) had been to a dog park between that time, I lost all hope of finding it.

And finding the perfect replacement ring hasn’t been easy.

I want it to represent the love my husband and I have for each other. Our commitment to each other… we’ve been together for over 22 years, so obviously we’re committed to each other. All the more reason the wedding band I choose represent that commitment.

My tastes have changed over the years, too. When we got married I was more into “yellow” gold and understated jewelry, nowadays I’m drawn towards “white” gold or sterling silver and a bit bigger bolder statements.

I’ve been searching for the wedding band that reflects our love and my personal tastes and I think I’ve found it.


I’ve fallen in love with the Tacori Ribbon Eternity Millgrain Diamond Wedding Ring. It’s so graceful and romantic. The renowned jewelry designer Tacori knows exactly what a woman wants in jewelry. Tacori jewelry is stunning, elegant, and classic.

I think jewelry reflects a woman’s personality, something Tacori obviously gets.

Now that I’ve found the perfect wedding ring for myself, my husband wants a new wedding band to complement mine. He picked out the White Gold Tacori Sculpted Crescent Rounded Eternity Wedding Ring. We love the sleekness of the ring. It’s definitely manly and perfect for my husband’s active lifestyle. He’s not as flashy as I am, so he wants something a bit more understated.

Both of our choices are perfect for us and will go well together. Just like us.

What do you think of our choices? Which do you prefer, yellow gold or white gold? Check out http://www.whiteflash.com/tacori and see why I’ve fallen in love with this designer.


  1. That is a gorgeous ring…but WOW, so sorry to hear about your “real” ring! 🙁 How sad!

  2. Love the rings you’ve selected….they are simply gorgeous!

  3. I think those are great choices. I, too, was into yellow gold initially. Earlier this year I traded in my yellow gold for a nice little discount on a new white gold ring.

  4. I love Tacori! I had a pair of studs and I lost one…I was so upset.

  5. Those are both beautiful choices!

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