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Saving money by growing vegetables and herbs

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People are trying to find different ways to save money. However, all ways are not convenient for everyone. One of the easiest and universally accepted ways is to grow your own vegetables and herbs. All you need is a piece of land and a heart to do gardening. Your grocery bills can be reduced to a great extent if you grow your own vegetables.

How can you save money?

  1. There are indoor and outdoor plants. Some plants like tomatoes, potatoes, etc., occupy very less space as you can place the pots on window sills and under sinks.
  2. You can use old pots, bins, and buckets to grow plants to save space and money.
  3. You needn’t spend on seeds every time, if you save them for the next time. You can also trade your seeds for other varieties with your neighbors.
  4. Make your own compost to save money on fertilizers. It is not only cost effective but also good for your plants. Using bins helps to keep the garden tidy. However, you can also make compost in open space in one corner of your garden.
  5. Plan before you go to buy the seeds, saplings, or gardening equipment. If you are planning to make a big garden, buying garden equipment is better than renting them.

What benefits can you enjoy?

  1. Growing medicinal herbs will save you a lot of money as you will not have to buy medicine for minor ailments such as cold, cough, and so on.
  2. If you grow vegetables, you will tend to cook them more often than consuming meat or other types of food. This will greatly aid in keeping the family healthy.
  3. Organic vegetables cost a lot more than hybrid veggies. Growing them yourself is a good way to consume organic vegetables at extremely low cost.
  4. Another benefit you get is exercise. Gardening demands physically  activity. You needn’t work out to lose extra calories. Even if you do not need to lose weight, gardening can help you stretch your body and strengthen your muscles.
  5. Gardening helps you stay relaxed. Gardening helps you calm down your bubbling emotions and hence it is regarded as a great stress buster.

Tips on Vegetables and Herbs:

You may want to grow many types of vegetables but may not have enough space to grow all types of vegetables you want to. Therefore, choose the vegetables you use the most in your kitchen and the ones which cost more. Growing herbs can completely rule them out of your grocery list because you don’t use a lot of herbs. I’ll give you a precise list of the herbs you may want to grow.

Equipments Needed:

Trowels, pruning shears, pitchforks, shovels, compost bins, and water sprinklers.

By growing vegetables you can save a lot of money and also go green. Interact with others who do gardening to make it more enjoyable. You can also put up a small stall during weekends to sell the surplus vegetables. Your neighbors may be interested in buying your organic produce.
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