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Chicken Raised without Antibiotics at Papa Murphy’s

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It’s important to me that my family eats foods that are good for them and I buy Raised without Antibiotics (RWA) chicken whenever possible. It’s nice when brands like today’s sponsor, Papa Murphy’s, who knows how important it is to parents like me. They only use RWA chicken on their pizzas so parents can feel good about feeding their children pizza with chicken as a topping. #NothingButChicken #Ad

One thing my family loves is pizza. They could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And sometimes do… especially when I have an extra busy week.

This presents a dilemma for me, though. I’m fine with pizza for the most part since pizza really can be quite healthy and low-calorie, especially if you watch what kind of toppings you put on it and opt for a thin crust.

It’s why I love Papa Murphy’s so much, I can get delicious “grown-up” gourmet pizzas that my 13 year old also loves and I feel good knowing that the toppings are fresh and good for us.

Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics

Papa Murphy’s is the first pizza brand to introduce Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics (RWA Chicken) systemwide. What this means is, well,  exactly what it says… chicken raised with no antibiotics, ever. Never. Ever.

This means as a mom, I can feel good about my family eating Papa Murphy’s pizza with chicken. 

Two of our favorites are the Herb Chicken Mediterranean and the Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizzas. Knowing the chicken is RWA makes this mom very happy. 

Herb Chicken Mediterranean
Chicken Bacon Artichoke

I recently stopped by Papa Murphy’s and picked up our favorite take and bake pizzas. We ate the Herb Chicken Mediterranean on Saturday night and saved the Chicken Bacon Artichoke for lunch on Sunday. We love their thin crust pizza, especially when we choose a gourmet pizza.

Papa Murphy’s has always been THE QUALITY LEADER among pizza brands and with the launch of RWA (raised without antibiotics) chicken, they have set a new standard in the pizza category for quality. Making Papa Murphy’s my first choice in pizza. 

You can personalize your pizza exactly to meet your families’ needs, too. Want to remove a topping from the recipe? No problem! Want to add a topping? No problem! Want to order half a pizza for the meat-eaters in your family and the other half for the veggie-eaters? NO PROBLEM!

So get a RWA chicken pizza and try different toppings and crusts and know you’re feeding your family a healthy pizza. 

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