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Puppy Apartments – Providing Puppies Their Own Space

Guest Post

Dog lovers soon come to think of their new puppy as a family member. The cute little balls of fur get pampered with fancy collars and leashes, and sometime, even elaborate wardrobes. Why not go a step further and get the cute little pup its own apartment?!

Wait…..the puppy also needs to be potty-trained. Since potty-training is a frustrating and time-consuming chore, why not get a potty-training puppy apartment (called a PTPA)?

The apartment eliminates the mess, odors, time and frustration of potty-training. The PTPA is a specially designed crate containing two areas, a sleeping area and a bathroom area, separated by a divider with a central opening……..creating its own two-room apartment.

The bathroom space holds a specialty-made puppy attractant pad; the bedroom area has comfortable bedding. There are three doors to the apartment; one goes directly into the sleeping space, one right into the potty area and another cage door allows the occupant to have an alternative entrance.

The opening in the divider allows the puppy to travel back and forth between bedroom and bathroom without leaving the apartment. A video is provided with instructions on the correct way to teach your new puppy to use the bathroom space in the PTPA.

The apartment is easily set up in minutes and ready for the puppy to move in. As your puppy grows and needs more bedroom area, the divider can easily be moved over to create more space. The PTPA is available in different sizes to accommodate the growth of your loveable family friend.

The construction of the crate allows the PTPA to be placed in the most convenient area of your home. It can be tucked into a corner of the room or displayed as part of your home décor. Several covers are also available to give your puppy the privacy it needs and also to be decorative to fit into the room as another piece of furniture.

Just as you decorate your home, your puppy’s apartment can also portray a theme with the additional accessories available. However, the main purpose of the PTPA is to potty-train your puppy the correct way while giving it the pampering it needs.

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