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Parenting 101: How to Better Deal with Moody Teenagers

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When you are raising your child from being a baby to a toddler, then a toddler to a preschooler and onto a school-age kid – there are many joys to be had during the experience. There are many firsts which you would have as a parent, and many unique experiences which are a delight for both parents and kids. But once your child reaches his or her teenage years, that is when the battle starts.

As you may already know, teenagers have raging hormones. Along with the changes with their bodies come the changes in their still-developing personalities. There are also teenage-related issues that they are battling not just with themselves, but with you as their parents. There are some teenagers who seem to be always angry with the rest of the world. This is also the time when they are bound to find things to rebel about. If you’re an anxious parent, you might coddle your teenage kids and give them everything they want just so that you can better deal with one of their moods. But sometimes, this can do more harm than good.

If you would like your teenage child to survive through these typically trying years in their life, you need to be there for them but also be firm enough to stand your ground as a parent. You might make mistakes along the way and your child might get angry with you for certain stands that you will make. But as long as you know that you have your kid’s best interest at heart, then you should be able to deal with the difficult teenage years.

How Parents can Better Deal with Moody Teenagers

If you have a teenage daughter who barely says anything to you after she comes home from school, how are you supposed to bring her out of her shell? Or maybe you have a teenage son who always locks himself up in his room, or always goes out with friends that he is barely ever at home? Here are a few tips on how parents can better deal with moody teenagers:

One of the biggest problems that teenagers have is communicating with their parents. If there’s an issue that you need to discuss with your teenage kid, make sure to have your say – but also hear him or her out. Teenage kids need to express themselves and this is something that they would not be able to do if you would not give them the chance.

Teenagers are often embarrassed of practically everything about their parents, and this is very normal for their age. But if you are dealing with a moody teenager, make sure to never scold or confront them in front of their friends, otherwise you will become their enemy for life.

It’s okay for some parents to act as friends to their kids sometimes – but there should be a clear line between this and parenting.

Moody teenagers usually have dramatic mood shifts when they’re perfectly fine one moment and boiling with resentment the next. The best way to deal with such situations is to wait it out, then have a serious talk with your teenage kid later on.

Finally, no matter how many mood shifts you would have to deal with as parents of teenagers, always let them know that you are there for them. Teenage angst may be something that regularly happens but when you know how to deal with the situation properly as a parent, you should be able to go through the difficult phase with peace and love still reigning in the household.

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