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Our PURELL 30-Day Challenge is Keeping Us Germ Free #PURELL30

This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Last month I decided my family and I would take a PURELL 30-day challenge for back to school. He started school on August 6th, we have completed a full month of school and I’m happy to report… we are healthy.

Other than some sniffles (which were allergy related, I think) for a week, my son has had an amazing start to this school year. He feels good and is even excited about school this year. It’s tough to really be into school if your sick or feeling bad, so thanks to PURELL for helping us stay germ-free.

We made sure that besides washing our hands whenever possible, we used PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer at least three times a day, every day for 30 days.

Hand washing is the best defense, but there are so many times when soap and water are not readily available and I’m so glad we have products like…

We have PURELL Hand Sanitizer in the large bottles throughout our home, as well as the travel-size bottles in every purse, backpack, gym bag, lunch box, and vehicle we have, just in case. I’ve made sure that we have PURELL at our disposal at all times so we could stick with the 30-day challenge.

It’s really easy to not only take the PURELL challenge, but easy to do it every day. The key is to make sure you have PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer available and when you or your kids can’t wash their hands, you will have the next best thing.

And it’s not to late for YOUR FAMILY to take the PURELL 30-Day Challenge!

School is officially started back for everyone in the U.S. by now, so take the PURELL challenge… Here’s to reducing the spread of illness-causing germs with PURELL sanitizing products!

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