Opposites Attract – A Match Made in Heaven

This is topic #3 of the 30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me series. Today’s topic is, “Describe your relationship with your spouse.”

This is an easy topic for me, however, my husband is a very private person. So talking about him on my blog isn’t something I do very often.

My husband works from home, but as I’m typing this, he is in Phoenix on a business trip. I miss him.

Really miss him.

I guess where he does work out of the home it’s tough when he does go out of town. Anyway, to get back to the topic at hand… describing our relationship.

We met on a blind date (our first and last one) set up by our fathers, on February 3rd, 1991. Now we had talked on the phone about three times over the previous two weeks, for hours. So I had a sense of the kind of person he was and was excited about meeting him.

I knew very early into the date that he was unlike any man I had ever met before. And we have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Even though we were/are very different in many ways, there was a connection, a spark, a sense of wonderment in our relationship from the very beginning and it’s still in our relationship today.

Early on in our relationship we couldn’t have been more opposites. I’m outgoing, he was shy. Our political views were total opposite, he got embarrassed very easily, me, mmmmmm, not so much. The list goes on and on. However, over the last 23 years we have become less opposite.

Maybe it’s being with someone for so long you start rubbing off on each other, I don’t know.

There are times when he infuriates me… and trust me, I infuriate him, but we have a mutual respect for each other. We are both very passionate people — THAT we’ve always had in common. I think it’s that passion that makes us both feel so strongly about things, therefore, can make for some good arguments.

I know that he loves me. Not just because he tells me every day, but through his actions. I can truly say that I can see the way his eyes light up when he looks at me. Sigh.

He is the most handsome, smartest, kindest, most romantic, and absolutely hilarious man I know. If you know me, you know how important humor is to me…. my husband makes me laugh at least a couple of times a day. We love being silly!

Although we are opposites in many ways, my husband is my soul mate. Opposites attract – we are a match made in Heaven. I love him with every fiber of my being.

Check back next week when the topic will be, “List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could”.

How would you describe your relationship?


  1. Lovely post Donna – I’m sure your husband will appreciate the kind words! Time to remind my fiancée how wonderful she is…!

  2. I love hearing stories like this! My husband also works from home which I actually love. We’re very opposite as well, but it’s funny how over the 20 years we’ve been married how somethings have changed too and on somethings how we’ve both swung over to the middle a bit more.

  3. He sounds like a wonderful man. I love when my husband is able to work from home (except when the kids are home because that stresses him out.)

  4. When I find a husband, I will let you know…lol! But seriously, I agree!!

  5. What a wonderful testament of your relationship! My husband and I have been together almost as long as you and your husband and respect for each other is a huge part of our relationship. We are opposites in many ways, but have our similarities as well. He makes me laugh and we truly just love being together.

  6. You guys sound like my husband and I. I feel that we compliment each other with the things that are “opposite” but it works for us.

    1. Author

      I know what you mean… we compliment each other too. It’s like my weaknesses are his strong points, and vice-versa. And, even though we were so different at first, and most people thought it would never work, it just does. 🙂

    1. Author

      Rachel, yeah, it was the first time my dad ever tried to fix me up or even get into my personal life (I was almost 28 years old at the time), so I knew he (my now hubby) must have been pretty special for my dad to want us to meet. 🙂

  7. It’s not often that you hear dads setting up their kids AND that it worked out so well. Yay for them and for you 🙂 My husband and I are both very different but both very much the same. It’s hard to describe but it constantly amazes us how we found each other as we’re usually on the same page. It’s not always sunshine and roses but we’re very fortunate to have a great relationship.

    1. Author

      Our dads knew each other through their work, and thought we would be a good match. I was almost 28 at the time, so I knew that my dad wouldn’t have steered me wrong. Plus he had never, ever, tried to fix me up before. So I trusted his judgment. 🙂

  8. I love that photo and what you wrote. It sounds like a wonderful relationship. It’s nice to still miss the person you love.

  9. The way you described your love was just so, so sweet! I’m so happy that you guys are perfectly matched!

  10. aww it sounds like you are a great match, even with your differences! 🙂

  11. Opposites really do attract. My fiancee and I couldn’t be more different, yet it works. I honestly wouldn’t want someone just like me, though.

  12. That was so sweet. Make me want to hug my hubby and do something romantic. So glad you found your soul mate.

  13. It’s true that opposites attract! My husband and I are opposites on some things, but similar on important issues. The longer that we’ve been together though, the more alike we have become. lol.

  14. aww. Ya’ll are too cute. And how great that you both work from home! That’s my dream.

  15. Sounds like you two were made for each other 🙂 I really enjoyed this post. You are so blessed to have each other 🙂

  16. So awesome your dads set you up! You guys sound so awesome together!

  17. That’s sweet! Like you, my husband and I are very much opposites. It was a rough start for us but 13 years later and we’ve managed to find some common ground and appreciate the things that make us so different.

  18. I’m a true believer of opposites attract! My husband and I are very different, but our values are the same. And like you I love a sense of humor. My husband makes me laugh even when I try hard to fight it.

  19. I LOVE this post! I love seeing how much spouses care for each other.

  20. What a cute, inspirational story. It does sound like you were made for one another.

  21. Love your picture! I have know my husband for 23 years and married for almost 14. It’s true. You do start to do things the same even when you started out opposites!

  22. Aww you write so sweetly about him, you can tell how deep your love is. &Isn’t it amazing how you start to become less opposite? I’ve noticed the same thing between my husband &I and we’ve only been together just shy of 10 years.

  23. Ahhh, so sweet! What a great story of meeting and growing together.

  24. What a sweet post. Hubby and I have been married almost 14 years. More and more we find ourselves thinking the same thing at the same time. He’ll call me when I’m thinking about calling him and vice versa. I’ll have an idea just as he’s thinking the same thing. We don’t always get along, but when we do it’s wonderful.

  25. This is beautiful 🙂 I love that your DADS set you up, that was meant to be! Your dads love you and know you so you know that good hands were guiding this along, and you guys look so cute together. I think you are both very lucky 🙂

  26. Haha! My husband and I are opposites, too- but it definitely gives us something good to bond over 🙂

  27. Awww Donna, this is sooooo sweet! I’m so glad that you have a fabulous relationship with your husband. So many don’t have that and I know would love to. My hubs and I are working on saving our marriage for the past few months. We about divorced in November, just out of the blue. I was blindsided. Anywho….we are working on it and it is getting better. Trust and communication are key for me. Without either, I don’t think it can work.

    Thanks for sharing Donna!

  28. Love the pic Donna!

    You two look like your BFFs and that’s awesome.

    The hubs and I have been together for 23 years and we’re total opposites yet it works. We are BFFs for sure. The kids have to tell us to quiet down when we’re talking and acting up!

    Yes, there are times the man drives me nutso and I know I give him a headache too but I can’t imagine my life without that man.

    Such a happy post!

  29. I love post. My husband and I are also total opposites too. I love hearing about other couples who have a very similar story! I love your series that you started as well.

  30. I love your story! Not too often that it would work being set up by parents. That’s great!

  31. love that you too love to have fun. Sometimes opposites compliment eachother and that keeps things fresh and new

  32. Awesome story Donna! And to think your parents set you up! My husband and I were set up by our college dorm room-mates. They were dating eachother and thought it would be awesome to be rid of their room mates, and what better way than to send them off on a date? We all got married the same summer, and were in each other’s weddings. And we are each still married today. Wow!

    Looking forward to next week’s 10 things you’d tell your 16 year old self!

  33. You are a wonderful storyteller Donna, love this post! Your first date was on my birthday 🙂

  34. We had a lot in common when we first met. I’ve changed a bit and we’ve been through so rough times but we’re hanging in there. Your story was so sweet!

  35. What a great couple! Sucks that he is away on business. I can imagine how much you miss him.

    In my relationship I would say that we are both very similar in nature, I think that is why we drive each other nuts. Its also another reason why I understand him better, because I can relate.

  36. You two are so cute together. How wonderful to be able to find someone so special to spend your life with.

  37. Such a sweet post. My relationship with husband is pretty much the same, except it’s flip-flopped. I’m the shy one and he’s the outgoing one. I get embarrassed easily and he doesn’t. But we’ve been inseparable since the day we met. I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else.

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