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Opposites Attract – A Match Made in Heaven

This is topic #3 of the 30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me series. Today’s topic is, “Describe your relationship with your spouse.”

This is an easy topic for me, however, my husband is a very private person. So talking about him on my blog isn’t something I do very often.

My husband works from home, but as I’m typing this, he is in Phoenix on a business trip. I miss him.

Really miss him.

I guess where he does work out of the home it’s tough when he does go out of town. Anyway, to get back to the topic at hand… describing our relationship.

We met on a blind date (our first and last one) set up by our fathers, on February 3rd, 1991. Now we had talked on the phone about three times over the previous two weeks, for hours. So I had a sense of the kind of person he was and was excited about meeting him.

I knew very early into the date that he was unlike any man I had ever met before. And we have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Even though we were/are very different in many ways, there was a connection, a spark, a sense of wonderment in our relationship from the very beginning and it’s still in our relationship today.

Early on in our relationship we couldn’t have been more opposites. I’m outgoing, he was shy. Our political views were total opposite, he got embarrassed very easily, me, mmmmmm, not so much. The list goes on and on. However, over the last 23 years we have become less opposite.

Maybe it’s being with someone for so long you start rubbing off on each other, I don’t know.

There are times when he infuriates me… and trust me, I infuriate him, but we have a mutual respect for each other. We are both very passionate people — THAT we’ve always had in common. I think it’s that passion that makes us both feel so strongly about things, therefore, can make for some good arguments.

I know that he loves me. Not just because he tells me every day, but through his actions. I can truly say that I can see the way his eyes light up when he looks at me. Sigh.

He is the most handsome, smartest, kindest, most romantic, and absolutely hilarious man I know. If you know me, you know how important humor is to me…. my husband makes me laugh at least a couple of times a day. We love being silly!

Although we are opposites in many ways, my husband is my soul mate. Opposites attract – we are a match made in Heaven. I love him with every fiber of my being.

Check back next week when the topic will be, “List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could”.

How would you describe your relationship?

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