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National Clean Out Your Purse Day 2013 – Plus a Purse Giveaway


Did you know that there was a day devoted to cleaning out your purse? I didn’t either. I generally don’t clean out my purse unless I’m switching bags. And… that’s not very often. I have carried the same bag for years before, but over the last two years, I do change them out more often.

I received a Coach bag as a Christmas gift from my husband this past Christmas, as well as a small Coach shoulder bag I got a few weeks ago. I also got a couple of bags to review this year, too. So, I’ve started changing them out. Now my purses are cleaned out more often.

Because I’ve bad to just throw receipts and spare change down to the bottom of my purses, they can get pretty junked up.

Here is the purse I’m currently carrying….

I like black. It pretty neutral with everything I wear. I also have a brown bag I swap out with. And recently I got an orange (my favorite color) and yellow bag. I’m getting out of my comfort zone and spicing up my wardrobe with color this spring/summer.

Okay, here’s what’s inside my purse…

Okay, I’m bad to just throw everything into the bottom. Then I spend several minutes hunting through it looking for whatever it is I’m looking for.

I’ve realized while cleaning out my purse for ‘National Clean Out Your Purse Day’ that I —  need a new wallet. I love lip gloss, I’m prepared for a boo-boo, and I’m addicted to Juicy Fruit gum. Really. I am.

What is in your purse? Do you ever clean it out? How long have you used the same purse?

Would you like to win a purse ? Take a look at the picture above with the bright orange purse. This is a ~

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