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My son set sail on a voyage…


A voyage he will never forget!

Cody is finishing up his last two performances of “Treasure Island” today at Children’s Theatre of Knoxville. It’s bittersweet. He has worked so hard on his role of Jim Hawkins. He spent the entire last 3 weeks of his summer vacation memorizing lines, blocking, characterization, and all the things that bringing a play to life entails.

He loves his cast mates. What can I say about “theater” kids?… they are a unique and incredibly creative and smart group. And funny. Oh. So. Funny. Most importantly, protective of each other. They look after each other in a way I’ve never seen in any other groups of kids.

So Cody will miss this play. He will miss the camaraderie. He will miss being Jim Hawkins.

Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver

I am so proud of you Cody, and how you made this character your own. I could watch you on stage in “Treasure Island” every night for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

Although we say goodbye to “Treasure Island”, I’m certain we will see these fantastic kids in many more adventures.

Certain we will.

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