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Motorola DEFY XT Smartphone – Great First Phone for Tweens & Teens #sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Republic Wireless for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re a parent of upcoming tweens and/or teens do you plan on getting them a smartphone? Is the topic of smartphones a frequent discussion in your home? I’m guessing as a parent in the 21st century, it probably is a subject that has come up… more than once.

My son is ten and doesn’t currently have a smartphone, but my husband and I have been discussing it. Some of his friends around his age already have smartphones, and it’s not like he has even asked for one, because he hasn’t…. but there are times when he is at play rehearsals, when he forgot something, he could have easily texted me or his Dad and we could have brought it to him.

We always know where our son is, but I know there will come a day, when we may not know exactly where he is every minute of the day.

I also know that it can get pricey when every member of your family wants/has a smartphone. Did you know that the average American spends more on their monthly cellphone bill than they do on groceries or health insurance?

That’s CRAZY!

Well, the Motorola DEFY XT Smartphone from Republic Wireless built a smartphone service that will cut the cost of smartphone ownership from over $100/month (what most folks pay right now) down to just $19/month, or about 60 cents a day.

Now that CRAZY… in a good way!

The Motorola DEFY XT Smartphone Features:

What a great first phone for a kid! It would be a great first phone for anyone (like my Mom) venturing out into the world of smartphones for the first time…. regardless of their age.

The dustpoof, water, and scratch resistance is a definite plus. I know how rough I am on my smartphone, I can only imagine one in the hands of a kid.

And just like adults, kids love taking pictures. Having a great webcam and camera is important to tweens and teens, so it’s an important factor in choosing a smartphone.

Even though I’m a Mom, and old and all, and can’t possibly be cool or know what I’m talking about….

Heed some advice from a mom who loves social media, though —  If you do take selfies, ask yourself, “Would I be embarrassed or ashamed if my parents saw this?” … before you post those selfies. Once you put them out there, they’re out there forever.

Do your kids have a smartphone? Or are you considering a smartphone for your kids?

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