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#Mamavation and My #2weekchallenge

#mamavation #2weekchallenge

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I finished my Mamavation 2 week challenge yesterday. And, boy, what a #2weekchallenge it was! I felt like everything was trying to deter me from my goals. BUT, I did not let it. I marched on.

First off, if your not familiar with #Mamavation and the 2 week challenge — it’s an online program/community where you sign up with your Twitter name to take a two week challenge, either the beginners track or the advanced track, and you tweet (hold yourself accountable) each day when you’re finished your daily goal.

I haven’t been very active lately, so I chose the beginners track. And, it still kicked my butt. Especially since I sprained my thumb the very first day, and 3 days in… I spent two days with a stomach bug.

I still exercised each day. The intensity was not nearly as much as I would have liked, but I did what I could. And I got my 10,000+ steps every day. As I mentioned I sprained my thumb doing those dang Burpees. I really thought I’d broke my thumb at first.

I heard a loud pop, and red hot pain shot up the right side of my left wrist and up my thumb. OUCH! But luckily I didn’t break it. It’s been 2 weeks today, and it’s still tender and I have to be careful. But it’s just a thumb. 🙂

As for my diet, the only changes I really made was to drink lots more water (I don’t drink soft drinks, anyway), and stayed away from white pasta and breads. I also cut out sugar, with the exception of Sundays.

Oh, and I also transferred my blog over from Blog Engine to WordPress during this time. Well, with lots of help from my hubby.

But I digress. As for my 2 week challenge, I tweeted every day (sometimes more) to @mrbookieboo when I finished my day. And he would tweet back words of encouragement. It really does help to have someone to be accountable to, who helps motivate you! Thank you @mrbookieboo!

So here are my results, and I will not be putting my starting weight or finishing weight… just how much I lost.

Total weight loss – 2.5 lbs and total inches lost 2.5 inches.

I really think if I could have upped my intensity I could have easily lost 2 or 3 more pounds. I am, however, very pleased with the results of my 2 week Mamavation challenge.

I am still going to continue with the beginner’s track until it becomes too easy for me. I just want to add that I am proud of myself, because I didn’t let any of these “distractions” keep me from the challenge. I did fall short of the goal I set for myself (I wanted to lose 4 lbs), but I didn’t give up.

Did you participate in the #2weekchallenge? Or did you embark on your own weight loss challenge? How did it go?


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