Making over our guest bedroom before all the holidays

My husband and I went to my parents for Thanksgiving, but they’re coming and staying with us for about a week for Christmas. So we have a whole lot of stuff that we need to get done around our home before that happens.

One thing that we need to work on is our guest bedroom. No one’s ever stayed in there before so we’ve never really had a reason to fix it up until now.

I was looking online to get some quick, but cute decorating ideas. While I was online looking through it, I ran
across the site and after we looked through it some we decided to use them to replace
our home’s siding as a little Christmas present to ourselves.

I’ve found some pretty good deals online with all of the holiday sales for some decorations on our guest bedroom and it’s really starting to shape up really nicely! I already have the bedding picked out, which means that picking out a paint color will be my next task in the process.

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  1. I love redecorating it freshens up the space.

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