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Make a Child’s Dream Playground With These 5 Easily Found Items

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A playhouse of their own is the dream of just about every little kid, but who says that dream has to look just like everyone else’s? When you are putting together a playhouse for your child, think outside the box and use some household items to create something that is totally unique.


Large tires are incredibly useful for a playhouse. Place some around the playhouse for a moat of sorts, and fill with sand to make a fun obstacle course. You can also place mud tires inside the playhouse to make all sorts of unique furniture, like seats for the little ones.


Rope can be used in a playhouse a number of ways. Tie some sturdy knots to make a climbing rope or use several pieces of rope to tie together a rope ladder. Use a small box tied to the end of the rope so kids can have a pulley system to bring up items to a playhouse high up in the air. Or make a lasso that can be attached to one beam of the fort for a fun extra cowboy motif.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are ideal in the summer, as they are a cheap way to add a water feature to a kid’s playhouse with little time or energy. Fill up some spray bottles and attach to the rim of the playhouse, either with string or hot glue. Kids can then spray any “intruders” that might make their way to the fort. You can also add food coloring to the water for a fun, albeit messy, twist.


Cans can be used a number of ways for a playhouse, from a homemade “telephone” to a seeing eye glass. Attach a can at either end of a long piece of string for a play phone kids can use in their fort. Or, use a longer can, like that from a chip can, or a paper towel roll to make a seeing eye glass that will give a pirate feel to the clubhouse.


If you have old sheets lying around the house, you can make a fantastic addition to any child’s playhouse. Hang the sheets up from the bottom of a tree house or around the walls of a playhouse that uses beams and can be seen through. This adds extra privacy and a little fort where kids can hide. They can even draw on the sheets themselves with markers or finger paint.

These are just a few example but with a little bit of imagination you can make a great dreamworld out of anything for your backyard playground!

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