Letters to Our Sons – May 2013

Dear Cody,

What a whirlwind of a month we just had! So many incredible things have happened. It’s been a busy month for you, and I know at times you felt overwhelmed, but you never faltered. In fact, you excelled.

I am amazed by you, my sweet boy.

I’m also experiencing just a twinge of sadness because I’m seeing more and more independence from you. That’s not a bad thing at all… it just means you don’t need me as much. Sigh.

We went to the Little Ponderosa Zoo the beginning of April… you love the baby animals. When you were in Kindergarten and 1st grade, you said you wanted to be a Vet (you say you don’t know what you to be/do when you grow up now). You sure do love animals.

As you are finishing out this school year, you are solidifying friendships, and you’ve recently made a new one, that seems stronger than most I’ve seen you make. I pray that you have long-lasting friendships.

As I write this letter, you are entering the second weekend (of three) of “Sarah Plain and Tall” at KCT. I think you’ve had more fun with the character of Caleb than any other character to date. I know I’ve enjoyed watching you bring Caleb to life on stage! I promise you, Cody, that you have made many people laugh, laugh, and laugh some more with your performance.

You had a new experience in April that I can’t go into here, just yet, but you will have so much fun in June, and have an amazing story to share with your new 5th grade class when you go back to school this next school year.

You finished the TCAPs. Yay!

And we finished May 1st off with a field trip to Chattanooga to visit the Challenger Discovery Center. You had such a great time! I’m glad I was there to share it with you.

I know you’re looking forward to school to get out this year… although you will miss your teachers and friends, I know you’re ready for a break. I’m doing everything I can now, to make this a summer you’ll never forget.

Until next month…

I love you, my darling son, so much that I feel as if my heart may burst.

All My Love Now and Forever,



Visiting the Little Ponderosa Zoo
Feed me Seymour! This donkey was hilarious!
Heat + Trampoline = Wild Hair
Opening night of “Sarah Plain and Tall”
My favorite scene in the play (I hate blurring out these beautiful faces)

Don’t look… the women folks are nekkid

Oh noes… she gonna kiss me
I love you, Sarah!
A shell!!!
Here they come…
Reading Sarah’s letter
“Sarah Plain and Tall”
Granny taking him out for pizza after opening night
Huge chocolate chip cookie in between the 2 Saturday performances
Part of the Life Support team at the Discovery Center Challenger Field Trip
Part of the Life Support team at the Discovery Center Challenger Field Trip – Sending important email to Command Center
Part of the Life Support team at the Discovery Center Challenger Field Trip – Getting ready to test PH levels
Part of the Life Support team at the Discovery Center Challenger Field Trip – In Command Center

These monthly letters to our sons and photographs are a part of a circle. We will be publishing our letters on the first Fridays of every month. So please follow and check out the circle continuing with my friend Ashley’s letters at Embracing Beauty.


  1. He looks like a total natural on that stage! What an awesome month. &That donkey or burro or whatever that is? AWESOME.

  2. What a sweetie pie. I sometimes struggle with my boys’ growing independence. It’s like I want them to grow but at the same time, I just want them to stay little and my babies.


  3. Oh my gosh, so much going on, and look at him in that play!!! Donna, how can you not be utterly bursting with pride, he is AWESOME!! 🙂 So smart, handsome and talented!

    1. Author

      Penelope, I told my husband last night after watching his performance that I felt like my heart was going to burst, I felt so proud of him. Thank you so much for all your kind words! <3

  4. Cody is a very handsome little boy!!! How awesome he was in a play!! Wonderful. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you, Alison! This is his 7th play at Knoxville Children’s Theatre. He loves being on stage. 🙂

  5. This blog post is priceless! Your son is such a cutie and looks like a natural on stage.

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