Jobvent – The Place To Say What You Always Wished You Could

From  – JobVent is the web site for anyone who has ever said 'I hate my job', or 'I love my job'.  JobVent is the web site for people who are about to start a new job, and want to see what other people think of working there.

Wow, this could put companies on edge!  If you aren't good to your employees they now may be able to get their revenge.

There are rules to venting at  Two in particular to take note of are (1) no personal attacks on anyone or mentioning anyone by name and (2) you must enter enough comments to adequately justify your rating.

They don't want a former employee 'scorned' to just trash a company, especially if the former employee is doing it just for pure revenge.

There goal is to assist you in finding out as much as you can about an employer before starting a new job, so you will know what to expect with your potential new employer or to avoid possibly to avoid a company all together.

Will some people abuse this site…probably.  You always have a few people that are spiteful and just 'plain mean'.  However, I think that most people will use Job Vent in the way that it is intended.

If you are wondering if you could get sued for venting about a company, in their FAQ page, they say "We don't think so. What is important to remember is the things posted on this site are the opinions of those people who posted them."  And, "You have the right to voice your opinion on this web site; no employer should threaten you or make you feel as if you do not have this right."

So if you want to vent about a job you hate or even better yet a job you love, check out  If you use JobVent let us know.  What do you think of  Hope to hear from you!


  1. Craig,

    You are very welcome! I think the concept of being able to share a bad work experience (or good one for that matter), with others could be very helpful.

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