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Jennifer Aniston Perfume A Department Store Fragrance For Less #ScentSavings #shop

This ‘how to get a department store perfume, like the Jennifer Aniston perfume, for less’, is part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®.

The girly girl (there’s a tomboy inside me, too) in me loves pretty smells. I love the idea of knowing that people around me think I smell good. And especially love when I get asked what perfume I’m wearing because they love the smell.

A fragrance can conjure up memories and emotions, bring comfort (like the smell of coffee or fresh bread baking), and relax and de-stress you like with the scent of lavender.  The sense of smell is a strong one…

I love the subtle but lasting fragrance of Jennifer Aniston perfume #shop #scentsavings

My husband loves me to wear subtle fragrances. Which is fine with me, because I love soft, subtle scents, myself. And one of the best gifts my husband can give me (besides jewelry) is perfume. I know he means it to be a romantic gift. Because perfumes are personal, especially when it’s a fragrance he loves. So perfume from him is a special gift.

Recently while shopping at Walmart, I was pleasantly surprised to find they carry celebrity department store perfumes and colognes but at prices that everyone can afford.  I bought the Jennifer Aniston perfume after trying the tester (which was practically empty, but was able to smell it). Since it had a clean, fresh scent, one of my favorite scents in a perfume, I knew it was the right choice for me.

Personally, I don’t care for strong, over-powering or woody scents. I do like a hint of fruity or floral scents, though.

The Jennifer Aniston Eau De Parfum Spray is described as a “beachy” scent. I kind of get that… it does have a light airiness about it I’m fond of, and definitely floral, (maybe a hint of jasmine and hibiscus) but I don’t necessarily think of “tropical” beach.

Department store perfume at Walmart low prices. #ScentSavings

Another thing I love is that the scent stays with you all day. I applied just a little to my wrists and I spritzed a little and walked through it (a tip I learned years ago) yesterday morning before leaving the house, and twelve hours later, I could still smell it. It wasn’t strong, but you could definitely still smell it.

I love that you can find quality department store perfumes at Walmart at such low prices. Now I can buy celebrity perfumes as gifts for friends and not break the bank. The Jennifer Aniston perfume was only $29.99.

At these prices, I can’t wait to try more celebrity perfumes and colognes from Walmart. If you’re looking for gift ideas, I highly recommend stopping by and checking out the Jennifer Aniston perfume and their other celebrity perfumes and colognes.

I have to say, I think the Jennifer Aniston perfume has become my new signature scent.

What smells or scents brings back memories for you?

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