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I’ve Turned Into My Mother and That’s a Good Thing #greatstarts

Well, it finally happened. I’ve turned into my mother. Deep down I’ve known this since I became a mother just over eleven years ago… I just wouldn’t admit it.

Which is silly. Because being even just a little bit like my mother is a good thing. In fact, I strive daily to be like my mom. We’ve always had a good relationship, especially after I became an adult. My mom is my best friend.

My Mom always, I mean ALWAYS knew everything. Ev-er-y-thing! My siblings and I could not get away with anything (not that I would have tried, mind you). I asked her one day how she knew something I had done, and she said, “Because I have eyes in the back of my head. I see everything.”

What the what? Eyes in the back of her head? So I never even tried to do anything I shouldn’t, since I knew she’d know about it as soon as I did it anyway. Sheesh.

Okay, I’m giggling right now as I remember this and how I felt when I finally realized that my mom had tricked me.

Sly one, that mom of mine. What’s even funnier is, I say the same thing to my son. He truly believes I will know everything he does. I think he may suspect the truth now, but he’s believed this for so long that it’s hard to let it go. I know all too well how he feels.

When I think back on my childhood, I have the most wonderful memories of time spent with my mom. She was a strict mom (and I am so thankful she was), but she was always fair. I loved to be in the kitchen with her. Some of my favorite memories were in the kitchen. Whether it was helping her cook or bake, or just watching her — I loved watching her — it was a special time just between the two of us.

I would mimic what she did as she was preparing a meal. I remember feeling like such a big girl. Just like mother, like daughter.

Now, my son likes to hang in the kitchen while I prepare meals. He helps a lot, but I’ve noticed he likes to do his homework at the kitchen counter when I’m cooking. I secretly like to think he’s doing this because like me years ago, he loves watching me. Whatever the reason, I love it.

He loves making his own fresh juice. We love it, because it’s healthy for him. He likes baking, especially cookies.  I just love having him in the kitchen with me.

Check out the video above to see another “Like Mother, Like Daughter” relationship. It really doesn’t matter whether your a mom to a daughter or a son, there’s nothing like that mother, child relationship.

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Do you have a special “Like Mother, Like Daughter” memory?

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