How to Improve Memory with 3 Easy Lifestyle Changes

The harsh reality of getting older is the fact that most of us start to lose our memory. It is a given that with age our memory stops working as efficiently as it did back in our younger days, at least for most people. This isn’t the end of the world; you can actually learn how to improve memory with easy lifestyle changes.

Do you want to know how to improve your memory?

One of my biggest fears is to one day develop either dementia or Alzhiemers. I would just hate to lose my memories. The idea is heartbreaking. So, I am doing everything I can to improve memory, keep my brain sharp, and protecting my mental health as I age. Here are three ways to help improve memory…

How to Improve Memory

Brain Games

Many adults can start implementing daily mental exercises such as crossword puzzles, word games and brain teasers as a means to keep their brain healthy and sharp. When you have a healthier brain, the memory fading happens at a slower rate.

Continue to read. Or if you’re not much of a reader, start. Reading is a great way to exercise your brain.

If you are faced with a loss of memory, do not fear, this is quite common and the reason for the memory loss could be health related or just naturally that you are aging and the brain can’t hold onto all of the information you have taken in over the years.

Our brains are just one object inside of our heads trying to make sure we are working to the best of our abilities; the memory fading is only one way for it to keep fresh. Think of your brain like a computer, if you don’t refresh it every so often; you know to clean it up and scan it, etc. then it will eventually die on you. That’s the same for our memory area of the brain.


Daily Exercise

Start a daily exercise routine now; make it a number one priority to implement some form of regular exercise into your lifestyle. Daily practice has been proven to not only keep our hearts healthy, but it keeps our memory working better, as well.

There was a study of around 2,200 men in their 70s, 80s, and 90s that revealed that those who walked less than a quarter mile daily were more apt to experience dementia than those who walked two-plus miles a day. This holds true for all adults, walking daily beyond 2 miles will be beneficial to improving memory.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The last way to ensure you are making a lifestyle change to improve memory is to get more sleep! It’s been proven that those who don’t get a good night’s rest on a regular basis are more apt to start experience memory loss.

Sleep is an essential part of allowing your brain to refresh, such as we referenced earlier, the brain is much like a computer and needs that sleep time to rejuvenate. Sleeping every night at the same time and ensuring you are getting an average of eight hours of sleep per night will ensure your memory starts improving over time.

So exercise your mind, as well as your body, and get sufficient sleep and you will keep your memory sharp.

There is no 100% cure for memory loss, but these tips should certainly help guide you towards adjusting your life so that your memory isn’t going to the wayside as quickly as it could.

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