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How to Select the Best Tea

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Tea is not only a stimulant, but a remedy that can be used to treat and prevent several diseases including cancer. When shopping for the best tea, it is paramount that you comprehend the process through which tea leaves go through in order to produce tea bags.

Depending on the process, the color, zest and taste may differ from one product to the next. By opting to shop online, you will be able to come across different types of tea ranging from green, red, and white to black. Unfortunately, without proper guidance, you won’t be able to select the right type of tea to buy.

As pointed out earlier, the color and flavor of the tea you are buying hinges mainly on the processing method. The difference in flavor, color and taste depends on the time taken during the oxidation and fermentation process. The fermentation process can range from short to long hinging on the product being manufactured.

A poorly fermented tea can easily be identified by its color, for example, green, white and yellow. Red, dark-green and black teas are those that have taken between medium and long during the fermentation process. If you want a potently fermented tea, opt for brands that are extremely dark in color. Fermentation basically entails drying and frying the leaves.

Europeans tend to prefer black teas because they have been thoroughly fermented and as such tend to produce an amazing taste and aroma. Darjeeling and Assam are some of the examples of well fermented teas that you can find in the market. Tea has a variety of recipes to cook, thus you can choose one which is very suits your taste, I’m using this site for recipes searching

Black tea is ideal for cold and wet weather. Perhaps this is the main reason why black tea is a popular beverage after vodka in Russia. Because of the strong vitalizing taste produced by black tea, you can enhance the taste by adding sugar, honey or lemon. However, these are optional as there are people who love to take black tea in its natural state.

Medium fermented teas are quite common in the market and do not spend too much time during the fermentation process. In terms of taste and aroma, medium fermented tea is quite gentle and can be taken during warm, wet or hot months. Chances are that the tea you are using in your home is a medium fermented tea.

White tea is the other type of tea that you can buy. Unlike other brands, white tea spends less time in the fermentation process. They are available in the market in different brands and are suitable for making tea either during the day or evening. May be because it is less energizing and as such won’t cause you to sweat too much during the day.

In addition to acting as a stimulant, tea has numerous health benefits that it adds to your body. For example, white tea comprises of vitamin C and vitamin B1 which are essential to building a strong immune system and enhancing your skin tone. White tea is usually characterized by its pale color and subtle aroma.

While most people tend to think that Europeans are the highest consumers of tea, unknown to them is that China is one of the countries the recognizes the immense benefits offered by tea. In fact, China is one of the few producers of a special type of tea, commonly referred to as pure tea. It is different from the black tea that is a common sight in Russia. The tea is highly fermented and as such produces a distinct taste compared to other brands.

If you have not been used to taking tea, it is highly recommended that you experiment with the different types of tea in order to identify a product that appeals to your taste buds.

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