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How-To Guides for Teachers

Teachers are among the most important and yet undervalued professionals in America. People choose to teach because they think they can positively effect the lives of children and teenagers. However, for all of their idealism, they are aware that teaching is often difficult and thankless. The most stressful parts of the job are unrelated to what happens in the classroom. Teachers are forced to be their own advocates. They have to figure out their own ways of teaching the state-mandated course material so that their students stay engaged and find meaning in the information.

Most of the popular books for teachers address not act of teaching, but the emotional fortitude it takes to continue doing this work. The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide anticipates how overwhelmed a new teacher will feel. Teaching with Fire instructs teachers to be proactive and nearly aggressive in their approaches to educating. Many books for teachers approach their subject matter with humor, which is exactly what a teacher needs after a long, exhausting day in the classroom.

Source: Best Education Degrees

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