Funny Christmas Quotes

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love everything about it. I especially love the true meaning of Christmas… and do my best to impart that onto my son.

With that being said, I also love humor. I love laughing and hearing others laugh. I truly believe it is the best medicine. Sometimes during this time of year, it’s difficult for some people to find things to laugh about. So I hope this brings at least a chuckle, a giggle, and maybe, a real “laugh out loud”! Enjoy these funny Christmas quotes (authors unknown).

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4 stages of life: 1)You believe in Santa Claus 2)You don’t believe in Santa Claus 3)You are Santa Claus 4)You look like Santa Claus

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Not feeling the Christmas spirit? Go elf yourself!

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That awkward moment when Santa has the same wrapping paper as your mom.

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What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?  Claustrophobic.

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Santa Claus: A fat voyeur who watches you all year long to make sure you live up to his standards of decency before breaking into your home and leaving behind items made by vertically challenged people in his sweatshop!


  1. LOL love the wrapping paper one….but our presents from Santa are not wrapped so therefore we don’t have to worry about that.

    1. My daughter figured the wrapping paper out when she was 2. So Santa presents in our house are wrapped in different paper!

  2. These are funny. I like the first one especially.

  3. LOL I love the wrapping paper one, only because I am anal about making sure we have Santa paper and mom paper. I just know that one day they would notice if I didn’t.

  4. I’m totally Claustrophobic. He’s right up there with clowns.

  5. These are great and provide a well needed laugh during the last minute holiday stress.

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