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Four Decorating Ideas for Fall

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The Autumn season has begun, bringing with it emerging colors and inviting scents to inspire a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home or office. These four easy tips can help you celebrate the Fall season before the dreary winter days set in.

Autumn Color Palette All Year Long

An Autumn-inspired color palette can immediately add a cheery and welcoming feel to any room of your home or office. Start with a basic, warm brown and work in different shades and tints of orange and purple. Accentuate with gold and shades of green to complete the fall palette.   These colors, from corresponding color families, will coordinate not just for Autumn but all through the year. Consider adding splashes of Fall colors to different rooms of your home through some indoor painting while the weather is still nice. Add a purple or red accent wall for extra elegance in your living room, or place chair rail along the middle of the wall with a light brown on the bottom and a lighter green or gold along the top. The fresh paint will invigorate the room and inspire additional decorating ideas.

Fall Wreathes and Swags

Fall wreathes and swags are simple to create with natural materials that are easy to find. To make a wreath, start with a pre-made form from a local craft store. Using a hot glue gun or pieces of wire or raffia, attach all-natural materials such as vibrant leaves, textured acorns and pine cones and berries.    For a festive swag, attach a few fall leaves to the a grouping of Indian corn. Tie the Indian corn together with twine or wire and glue the leaves on as desired. Create a loop using the twine or wire and hang from a cabinet door or a simple nail on a door of your home.

Autumn Mantle and Hearth Decorations

Mantle decorations for fall require no planning to create, just resourcefulness. Take advantage of those bare branches outside your home or office, cutting a few to place in a clear vase filled with river rock or sand. Accentuate with a few tiny gourds, pine cones or acorns, as well as a string of clear twinkle lights looped among the branches for extra light. Set these creative decorations on your hearth, and make smaller ones from vases and leaves for the mantle itself.   If you have decorative baskets or bowls, fill them with colorful gourds and leaves for a fall feel. Set them on your mantle and around your hearth, along with a collection of pumpkins of different sizes.

Autumn Illumination

As the days get shorter and night comes more quickly, illumination can easily be used as a decorating strategy for the Fall season. Take advantage of purple and orange strings of lights, generally found around this time of year to celebrate Halloween. Use strings of clear lights around the inside and outside of your home for a more elegant look.    Fill small glass jars with tealights or votives and line your driveway or porch with them for a cozy feel. While these would also work for the table or mantle, create candle holders by carving small holes on the tops of mini-pumpkins just large enough to hold tealights.   These simple decorating ideas will bring a touch of coziness to your home or office during the cool days and nights of Fall.

Kelly Wilson writes on a variety of topics, including interior design and House Painting in Portland.

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