Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes…. Blue

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Yes, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue", is a song by Crystal Gayle. It's also what I hope will happen when I try a pair of colored contact lenses in blue. I've always wanted to change my eye color… just to see what I would look like. 

I've never worn contact lenses, since I only started wearing glasses to read after I turned 40. This is better known as, presbyopia – "the inability of the eye to focus sharply on nearby objects, resulting from loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens with advancing age", as defined by Just love getting older. Sigh.

However, as I said, I've been really wanting to try colored contacts, so I've made an appointment with my husband's optometrist, to get a prescription for contacts.

My husband always orders his contacts online, because he can order whatever brand he wants, and he knows that he will get his contacts at the best price, guaranteed, at 1-800 Contacts. It's their PROMISE! He loves how easy it is to order contacts and really LOVES their fast shipping. They have so many brands to choose from that I'm certain you'll find yours, at the lowest price possible.

You can also live chat with a contact lens specialist… so help is just a key stroke away. 

So now I'm going to become a 1-800 CONTACTS shopper, too. And when I ask, "Don't it make my brown eyes blue?" The answer will be, "Yes!" And it will be a good thing. Who knows, I may even get some aqua or green colored contact lenses while I'm at it.