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Do You Like Men in Aviator Jackets?

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Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet? I always say I’m going to get an early start, but I usually fall short. I do have good intentions, though. However, this year I have already started. Today, to be exact.

I’m proud of myself, because it has been years since I started Christmas shopping in November.

I’ve started with the hardest to shop for on my list… my husband. It’s okay, he knows he’s hard to shop for. Really, what do you get the guy who has everything?

One thing I want to get him is a new jacket. I’ve always been quite fond of aviator jackets. So I’m leaning towards it for Christmas. I think most men look sexy in one.

I know I’d like to see my hubby in one. He is such a good husband and father and I want to shower him with gifts this year. I also have a very special gift in mind that will have a lot of sentimental value.

I got him a video game he wants and a pair of hiking boots. I’m also looking at a watch, that I think he would like. But he could use a jacket the most.

I could use some help, what kind of jacket do you like on a man?

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