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Come Dance at My Wedding Will Dance Into Your Heart

Tonight, June 6, 2009, at 9:00 pm EST the Hallmark channel premieres Come Dance at My Wedding.  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about a Hallmark movie… not been home much on Saturday nights lately.  And I’ve really missed them.

Come Dance at My Wedding Will Dance Into Your Heart

The Hallmark channel didn’t miss a beat – still showing quality, top-notch family movies.  Come dance at My Wedding, a dance instructor tries to avoid starting her life out on the wrong foot.  From the Hallmark Channel’s press release,

Whether you’re walking down the aisle or whirling on the dance floor, a young woman comes to understand that making life’s decisions is all about taking that first step in “Come Dance At My Wedding,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Saturday, June 6 (9/8c).  John Schneider (“Smallville”), Golden Globe and Emmy® nominee Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”), Brooke Nevin (“Worst Week”) and Christopher Jacot (“Eureka”) star in the tale of an estranged father and daughter who may be light-on-their-feet, but who still have a few moves to learn if they are to move forward as a family.

In the small town of Gracie, New York, Cyd Merriman (Nevin) and Zach Callahan (Jacot) are just a few weeks away from tying the knot.  Cyd thinks she’s made the decision to sell the dance studio that’s been in her family for generations to a real estate developer.  But Laura Williams (Downey), her lawyer and family friend, tells her it’s not as simple as it seems, as there’s another name on the studio’s deed: her father’s.  Suddenly, Cyd is face to face with Tanner Grey (Schneider), the father she never knew.  Although this is the first Tanner is hearing of the deed, he does not want Gracie’s cherished Merriman Dance Studio to disappear.  Zach, on the other hand, doesn’t want Tanner meddling in his fiancée’s business affairs.  With the fiancé she loves at odds with the father she feels connected to, it is up to Cyd to determine whether high-end retail is right for her small-town family and friends.

Come Dance at My Wedding stars John Schneider, who has starred most recently in Nip/Tuck, but most famous for his role as Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard and Roma Downey of Touched by an Angel fame.  I loved Touched by an Angel and never missed it.  I look forward to watching her in Come Dance at My Wedding.  Rounding out the cast is Brooke Nevin and Christopher Jacot.

Watch the trailer…

Check out for some behind the scenes videos, chat with other Hallmark fans, check for additional show times and much more.

So pop you some popcorn get in your most comfortable pair of pajamas and curl up and watch Hallmark’s original movie Come Dance at My Wedding.  A perfect “me” time opportunity.

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