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Bumpits – The new hair craze or just crazy?

I first saw the Bumpit ‘As seen on TV’ commercial last week… and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I didn’t know there was such a demand for the 60s bouffant hairstyle? 

When did this happen?  I’m usually up on all the latest fashions and trends.  I may not always like it or wear it myself, but I’m aware of them.  But somehow I missed the Bumpit trend.  Because if you search online for ‘Bumpits’ they’re all over the place.  YouTube in fact, has many instructional videos on how to use the Bumpit.

I promise I am not making fun of these beautiful women who have made these how to use the Bumpit videos.  If you use and love the Bumpit – that’s great.  Really!  I guess I’m more flabbergasted at the fact that it has become a trend… and I missed it.

Personally, I’m letting this trend pass me by though.  The bouffant look just isn’t for me.  And the mini Bumpits for bangs really are just too funny.  Sorry.  But to each his, or in this case, her own. 

However, if you would like to see how it works, check out these YouTube videos with many Bumpit tutorials.

The video I chose to put here on this post is from The Ellen DeGeneres Show – because it shows an actual commercial of the Bumpit as well as Ellen using the Bumpit on Jenna Fischer from the Office.  And the way Ellen does Jenna’s hair, is exactly the way I think it would look if I used it on my own hair.

If you own the Bumpit we would love to know if you like it or not.  And is it as easy to use as the commercial shows?

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