Brenden Adams – The Seven Foot Tall Twelve Year Old

Young Brenden Adams towers over his entire 6th grade class.  In fact, Brenden Adams towers over his entire school! 

On Primetime Medical Mysteries last night they covered a story featuring Brenden, the boy who can't stop growing.  He is a kind and lovable twelve year old; normal in all aspects but one.  And Brenden IS the only one of his kind.

It seems that he has a defect in his 12th chromosome that is causing his unusual and rapid growth.  It has affected his teeth; at 4 months he already had all his teeth.  He has had to have several removed to make room in his mouth.

When Brenden was first born he seemed normal.  However, at his three month check-up the doctor told them he was unusually long.  It didn't stop there he just continued to grow.

It is difficult on his joints, face and teeth.  He says that it get uncomfortable and painful for his joints sometimes.  He can't completely straighten out his arms and legs.

With his height and size 18 shoes he has difficulty getting into the family SUV and he would love a bed like Shaquille O'Neils'. 

Brenden has some good news now though.  His geneticist and doctors think they have come up with a way to halt and hopefully permanent stop his growth.  They inject him with testosterone.  The reasoning behind this is that testosterone will speed up the puberty process. 

As for now it is working.  Brenden has stopped growing, at least for now.

Brenden will more than likely always be the tallest boy in his class.  And his classmates and friends all say he is "normal" to them.

Check out this YouTube clip to see Brenden Adams and you will get a brief glimpse at an amazing twelve year old boy.  You can also read all about the story at


  1. i admire you Brendem keep up the
    positive attitude! just belive in yourself.
    ignore people that talk smack. people are always
    gunna talk no matter wut. aright . well take care.

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