Best Beachwear for All Body Types

The worst thing women can do when purchasing beachwear is to purchase an enormous creation that looks like a tent and then go hide under a tent. Enjoy the beach with the right swimwear for your body type.

It’s okay to admit that you do not have a perfect hourglass figure and wear a size 00 petite. After all, almost no women do. The lanky models in magazines tend to be dressed up teenagers. When you go to a real beach, you are still in the real world. Look great by choosing the best beachwear for your body type.

Apple Shaped Women

Apple shaped people tend to carry extra weight around the stomach. Tackle any tummy-consciousness with a double whammy. Get a suit with a deep neckline to draw attention to your most flattering assets, and get a suit with ruching on the front to camouflage belly fat.

Solid colors work best with a high-style suit. Additionally, high-cut bottoms make legs look longer. Show off your style, and draw attention to your face rather than your stomach.

Pear Shaped Women

Women with larger thighs can actually make things worse by wearing swim skirts and sarongs that draw attention to that area. Instead, draw attention to a slim waistline with a bikini combo. A halter top paired with boy shorts can make a flat stomach stand out.

Bold patterns on the top and plain bottoms can also draw eyes where you want them to be. Mix a loud, tropical halter top with a bright purple pattern with a pair of understated boy shorts.

Unlike apple shaped women, pear shaped women should not focus on one-piece swimsuits that have a lot going on. However, both body types can benefit from high cut legs and bottoms. Show off long legs, and overshadow larger hips.

A-Line Women

Women that are naturally slender often want to create the illusion of curves. Choose feminine suits with feminine cuts. Go for ruffles, details, and girly patterns. Stay away from more modern shapes, like bandeau tops.

Explore different retro-inspired options. However, certain high-fashion swimsuits with a wrap effect can create the illusion of all the right curves in all the right places. Smaller women can also invest in bikini tops that have a little extra padding. It doesn’t have to be outrageous.

However, a good bra can go a long way. When in doubt, think girly.

Older Women

There is a time when you have to recognize you are a senior citizen, but by then you shouldn’t have to care anyway. Moms and middle-age women can look great in the right bikini without looking like a teenager. It is important to find styles that complement your natural sense of style as well as your body type. Even bikinis can be great for some women in their fifties.

Look Great and Be Confident In Swimwear

Even the best swimwear will go unnoticed if you always hide under a towel and an umbrella. Find options that look great on your body type instead of wishing you were an alien-like model. Have the confidence you need to pull off a new look by following a few simple fashion rules.

Choose the best swimsuit for your body type, and never be afraid to go in the water again.


  1. Now that I’ve had children, my shape is very different. Thanks for the tips. I need to get a new suit.

  2. I love a good ruffle on my suits! Thanks for the tips!

  3. I have an apple shape and that’s quite tough to flatter. I like the idea of getting something with ruching in the front though.

  4. I need a bathing suit for big hips and thighs and stomach LOL

  5. I wish I could find the swimsuit to make me feel confident. I’m pretty sure it’s the cover-up I like the most. 🙂

  6. These are some really great suggestions. I’m confident that many woman can benefit from reading this.

  7. I always have the hardest time finding a bathing suit. However, I’m particularly fond of retro styles.

  8. These are great tips! I will definitely be using them when I look for a new suit.

  9. I think that almost every woman despises shopping for a new swimsuit. I prefer tankinis for my body type.

  10. Great post! Thank you for sharing.

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