Advancement in Technology Over the Past 30 Years

Guest Post

Are kids today headed in the right direction? To answer that question, one would have to look at the differences over the past 30 years.

Anyone who grew up in 1982 can remember it as a time of wonder and innocence. Today, kids can look up information on a world-wide web, send emails to friends, listen to music, and write a report on a flat screen monitor. 30 years ago, computers were an up and coming invention that used floppy disks to store information. Another noteworthy difference between then and now can be found in how kids communicate. Today, kids are texting, talking on mobile phones, and even looking up information on portable smartphones. 30 years ago, someone was considered high class if they had a car phone.

It’s easy to see why today’s college kids might have an upper hand as far as technology is concerned, which hopefully will translate to success as a college student later on.



  1. Yay for smoking rates going down. I was born in 1982 but still appreciate the days when texting wasn’t around. LOL.

  2. I like that smoking is down. Perhaps kids aren’t getting their driver’s licenses because we have increased public transportation? I know that the two teens in my neighborhood use our bus and train systems most of the time. It seems that few teens in my area have their own cars.

  3. What a great infographic!! There are a few things I personally disagree with but it’s so crazy to see how much things have changed.

  4. Very neat infographic. Overall it seems people are being more responsible today than back then which actually surprised me LOL

  5. Would like to see how these stats change from today until ten years from now when my son’s a teenager!!! 🙂

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