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A Pet Door DIY Guide

We have been going back and forth for several months now about putting in a pet door for our Baxter. There are times when we are gone for a few hours at a time and having the convenience of a doggie door would be nice.

And something that I never even thought of until recently…. what if we are gone and there was a fire (hopefully this never happens, but what if)? If we have a pet door Baxter would have a way out. So the peace of mind a pet door would provide us would be priceless.

Now we know we definitely want a pet door and we’ve decided we will do it ourselves, we just have to figure out how. I came across this awesome infographic that gives us all the information we need to have the perfect pet door. Since my husband is a DIY kind of guy, I’m confident that we can make a doggie door for our dog that will give him access to our backyard and the freedom to come and go when he needs to before spring is over.

He is a smart dog and we should be able to teach him to use the pet door quickly. I know he will be a happier pup in the long run. Check out this DIY guide for yourself….

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