A Pet Door DIY Guide

We have been going back and forth for several months now about putting in a pet door for our Baxter. There are times when we are gone for a few hours at a time and having the convenience of a doggie door would be nice.

And something that I never even thought of until recently…. what if we are gone and there was a fire (hopefully this never happens, but what if)? If we have a pet door Baxter would have a way out. So the peace of mind a pet door would provide us would be priceless.

Now we know we definitely want a pet door and we’ve decided we will do it ourselves, we just have to figure out how. I came across this awesome infographic that gives us all the information we need to have the perfect pet door. Since my husband is a DIY kind of guy, I’m confident that we can make a doggie door for our dog that will give him access to our backyard and the freedom to come and go when he needs to before spring is over.

He is a smart dog and we should be able to teach him to use the pet door quickly. I know he will be a happier pup in the long run. Check out this DIY guide for yourself….

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  1. Great idea Donna!

    My only problem with doggy doors are, what if they go outside when we aren’t home and they get into mischief or hurt themselves. My other thought was if someone knew you were gone and wanted to steal your dog. Those are they things I think about when it comes to doggy doors. I do love the infographic though.


  2. This is such a great and detailed instruction. I’m gonna have to make up a plan to do this for my Weimaraner.

  3. Such a great idea!

  4. this is a vey great idea. even though i dont even have a pet

  5. Thank you very much this is SO HELPFUL!

  6. Thank you so much for the help

  7. Those are great instructions. It’s better than the cat door my dad made in the door from the outside into the garage. He just cut the hole, with no flap. A possum started coming in and living behind the clothes washer.

  8. This looks like it would be a good design and work really well. We live in an area where it gets too cold and also the way the house is designed, we could not put anything like this in the back door because of the furnace anyway.

  9. I thin k it is something we should be looking into as well so its always good to hear what others opinions too

  10. thanks for sharing this!

  11. My cats would love a pet door, but they’re not getting one. The door looks practical, though.

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