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A Kiss at Midnight premieres on the Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Channel’s original movie A Kiss at Midnight premieres tonight looks like a charming movie.  I’m sure the Hallmark Channel won’t disappoint.  The Hallmark channel consistently shows some of the best original movies that are great for the whole family.  So I’m looking forward to watching A Kiss at Midnight.  What says about A Kiss at Midnight,

Susan Flowers (Faith Ford) runs her own business: Hearts and Flowers – Personalized Matchmaking Services.  She has found successful mates for all of her clients, but has yet to find one for herself.  On New Year’s Eve, encouraged by her best friend Maureen (Kim Rhodes), Susan makes the resolution to find herself a man, someone she can kiss at midnight of the next New Year.  But when, a new Internet dating site comes onto the scene, Hearts and Flowers starts losing business. Susan is determined to prove her personalized service does a better job than a computer program ever could. Her plan is to make a profile on, allowing the website to set her up; afterwards, she’ll write a blog exposé of how phony the site’s “scientifically-based Compatibility Formula” is, using her own experience as evidence.

To Susan’s surprise, however, the site matches her with widower Josh Sherman (Cameron Daddo), and they’re a perfect pair.  Little does Susan know, Josh is the owner and CEO of  But Josh doesn’t even know he has a profile on the site – only his daughters Cassie and Jennifer the ones who made his profile, do.  The girls just want a mom and for their delightful dad to be happy.  Only after they have fallen for each other do Susan and Josh find out what the other does for a living, and they are both convinced the other is out to destroy their business.  Ultimately, they must realize that finding the right person isn’t always a business affair; after all, love doesn’t take vacations.

A Kiss at Midnight stars Faith Ford (Susan Flowers), who I loved watching on Murphy Brown, Cameron Daddo (Josh Sherman) and the beautiful award winning Dyan Cannon (Kay Flowers).  I think Faith Ford and Dyan Cannon will be an enjoyment to watch together.

Tune in tonight, Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 9:00 pm EST and watch A Kiss at Midnight.  You can go to to see more about A Kiss at Midnight; also be sure to check the calendar at the bottom for additional show times (hit next on the calendar to see January’s show times.

If you watch the Hallmark channel’s original movie A Kiss at Midnight we would love to hear what you thought of it.  Hope to hear from you!

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