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8 Tips to Instantly Eliminate Writer’s Block in Blogging

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At some point every blogger runs into a situation where they need to get some work done but are unable to come up with any type of content to write. Well, over the years there have been plenty of solutions to this problem, so let’s review 8 different ways we can all use to ensure the success of our blogs.

Daily Routine

An important part of writing on a daily basis is to do it at the same time every day. Our brains are extremely complex and when your body and brain are used to doing a particular activity everyday at the same time, you will start to excel at that activity at that time of day. Creating a routine also helps us to maintain a balanced lifestyle, which could also be another reason the writer’s block won’t go away. An unbalance lifestyle will lead to uncompleted or bad content.

Review Similar Blogs

No idea what to write about? Check out other blogs that are in your niche. You will get all types of ideas from what other people are posting about. You need to make sure not to copy anyone because that will lower the credibility of your blog and you could also get in trouble with Google. Just use the blogs for some easy examples of some successful content. Continue reading until a light flashes in your head and you are ready to write your own piece.

Get Inspired

We all have our ways to get inspired enough to do things. Role models, books, significant other, money, and anything else you might use can help break your writer’s block. it is important that we all find something to help us achieve our goals and make us want to do better. So if you are unable to write, take a short break and look at some of your favorite inspirational stuff to remind you why you love writing.

Mind Maps

These are incredibly useful when you have no idea what you can write about and you feel like your brain is completely fried. Mind maps are simple little diagrams that allow you to focus on small parts of any project. There are free tools you can get off the internet and you could start your own mind map within minutes. Start the map with a general sense of what your content is going to be, then work your way through the details. Before you know it, you will have your whole article mapped out.

Solve Your Emotional State

Unable to write because you’re angry or sad? Well, fix the problem! I know that some situations are harder to fix than others, but do everything in your power to get yourself in a better emotional state. Great writing can be triggered by a certain emotion, but it can also be turned off with the wrong emotion, so make sure you don’t try and write at a bad time.

Jump to the Middle

Maybe you are just stuck at the beginning of the content. A good way to easily solve the problem is to just jump ahead and start in the middle of the content. By the time you finish the middle and end, you will know exactly how to do the beginning.


While not everyone indulges in coffee or energy drinks, caffeine can become a writer’s best friend. Caffeine has been proven to help with focus and short term memory, so use it to your advantage to get your work done! If you have any health issues that might not allow you to drink caffeine, there are plenty of all natural stimulants that might help you get back to writing. Just keep in touch with your doctor to ensure that you are ok.


One of the best cures. Exercising helps help the blood flowing to your brain and your brain will be working much harder. You can do all types of exercise to help your writing. Some good practices are using a bike machine and placing a laptop directly on the screen so you can write while using the machine. You may want to just run for 30 minutes and then come back to finish your work. It doesn’t really matter which method you use, exercising can be a life saver for writers.

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