5 Great Gift Ideas for the Car Lovers in You Life

Got a friend or relative that loves cars? These big gifts are guaranteed to be appreciated. Here are just five gift ideas to consider for the car lovers in your life…

5 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Personalized Number Plate

A personalized number plate could be a great gift to consider. You can buy number plates online – certain plates may already be in use, and some can be more expensive than others, which is something worth researching into first.

While you will be able to buy the plate for them, you probably won’t be able to register it without a specific driver, and car information so keep this in mind. Even if you’re not buying a plate to put on their car, it could make a great novelty ornament.

Car Cleaning Kit

For the car lover that likes to keep their vehicle in pristine condition, why not try buying a professional car cleaning kit? There are various valet kits out there that include items such as car wax, special cloths, wheel polish, and hoover extensions.

Make sure when buying car cleaning products to buy something that is suited to their model of car – you may want to play it safe with a basic cleaning kit rather than buying specialized polishes that could damage a vehicle if used on the wrong bodywork material. You can find discounts on car cleaning kits online.

Supercar Driving Experience

For the car lover that already has every trinket and accessory, why not buy them an experience? Supercar driving experiences can be some of the most fun, offering the ability to get behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most luxurious cars out there.

Your local racing track may offer this experience on certain days – you can usually buy a ticket that lasts up to a year allowing them to book a date themselves that suits them. During these experiences, they’ll be accompanied by a professional driver who can give them pointers and tips.

The person you’re buying for must have a full driving license to take part in these experiences.

Special Track Day Tickets

Buying tickets to a racing event could be another great gift idea. If it’s a special birthday or anniversary treat, you could even consider upgrading to special tickets that could give you access to the driver’s lounge or access to seats in prime position.

This could help to make it an unforgettable event. When booking a date, make sure that the car lovers haven’t got any prior plans. Ticket prices can vary, so it’s worth shopping around.

Branded Watch

Many car manufacturers have their own branded watches. In the case of makes like Ferrari and Lamborghini, these branded watches can be costly, although you can save money by looking for used watches. This could be the perfect fashion accessory for car lovers.