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I received a Target gift card to purchase LISTERINE® Brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Remember three weeks when I posted about the 21 day Listerine challenge my son and I was taking? Well, it’s been 21 days. And what a difference 3 weeks makes. Here’s our 21 Day Listerine Challenge Results…

It wasn’t like my son and I had horrible oral hygiene habits, we did brush our teeth at least twice a day and use a mouthwash or rinse at least once most days, but we seriously were slacking in the flossing department.

Twenty-one days ago we started using our Listerine toothpaste, but we started using Listerine mouthwash (my son used the rinse) every single morning and every single evening/night. And made a habit of flossing every night before going to bed.

We started flossing in the mornings, but realized for us, it was easier for us to do it at night.

I love how much better my gums and teeth feel and look. I was experiencing gum tenderness, but it has gone away. My son’s teeth look much better and both of us feel better knowing we have fresh breath.

I admit, I find Listerine to be a bit strong, and at first I couldn’t swish very long, because my gums burned when I did. But the more I swished, the less my gums burned.

My son loves the Listerine Smart Rinse. Confession: I tried it… I and I like it, too!

My favorite thing about the challenge is that I’m back to flossing. It takes doing something 21 days to develop a habit or make a lifestyle change; I’m happy to say we’ve made a positive lifestyle change for better oral health.

I can’t wait until my 6 month checkup to see what my dentist has to say about my teeth and gums.

Check out my “Swish Selfie” above, and be sure to post your own Swish Selfie on the LISTERINE® Brand Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/listerine and try out the 21-Day Challenge to help YOUR family establish better oral care habits, and to help underprivileged children in conjunction with Oral Health America.


  1. You look cute in your swisher selfie! 🙂 Happy Thursday Donna 🙂

  2. Very cute, and totally agree with Listerine it is great and I use it daily.

  3. I really need to improve my flossing and “swishing” habits. Looks like you are enjoying the Listerine :D.

  4. Though it is strong, Listerine is my favorite mouthwash! You look so cute in your selfie!

  5. I need something to get me back to flossing. Why is such a simple thing so difficult? LOL

  6. My husband and son use Listerine twice daily. My son actually goes looking for it if his runs out.

  7. Love the swish selfie! I just picked up a package of Listerine at the store after seeing everyone’s posts this week.

  8. We use Listerine every single day, love it! But the biggest challenge for me personally is being able to swish for the recommended amount of time. The burn….my gosh the burn, but it’s a beneficial burn, even if it does make my eyes water.

  9. My kids love their Listerine Smart Rinse. I had a friend’s daughter come over and see it on the counter and she just HAD to try it, too.

  10. We love Listerine in this house, especially for the kids.

  11. I love this challenge! We did it a while back, and my mouth has never felt better. I liked that it wasn’t all gunky when I would wake up in the morning.

  12. I’m really bad about flossing, but I use Listerine before bed every night! I use it most mornings, too, but I really can’t fall asleep without using it at night, I love the clean feeling it gives me.

  13. I really need to take this challenge up for myself with rinsing AND flossing. I’m really bad at making sure I do those two things on a daily basis.

  14. I had great results with the challenge, but have been slackin’ lately. Getting up to swish RIGHT NOW.

  15. It sounds like this challenge was good for both of you. Thank you for sharing these Listerine products

  16. I really like Listerine products. They have been around for years. Thank you for sharing your findings and how it got you giving yourself better mouth care

  17. I really like Listerine products. They have been around for years. Thank you for sharing your findings and how it got you giving yourself better mouth care

  18. Swish selfie 🙂 That is funny. I have started ramping up my oral hygiene. I already brush twice a day and floss usually once. However, I am going to start using some new products. I am excited. I agree, if my teeth feel good, I am a much happier person!

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