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My 10 Pet Peeves

Today’s topic in the “30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me” is, “Describe 10 pet peeves you have.”

1.  Drivers that pull out in front of you and then drive slowly.

2.  Drivers that don’t know how to merge.

3.  Drivers that don’t pay attention to their driving. I have had so many people pull out in front of me – in parking lots and streets that do not even look my way.

4.  People who talk about how “honest” they are and how they “Tell it like it is”. I have found that people that boast about their honesty and their “TellItLikeItIsness” (yes, I just made the word up) are generally bullies or just plain rude and tactless.

5.  Customer service employees who treat people rudely and as if they owe us, the customers, something. You do owe us…. we pay your salaries. If we did not shop or eat in the establishment you are working in, there would be no need for your employment. I remember when the “customer was ALWAYS right”… and no the customer wasn’t always right, but we treated them that way. Those days are gone, I guess, or at least few and far between.

6.  People who do not follow through. I don’t mean someone saying they will do something and then something happens that they can’t, and they let you know, and why (but it’s rare that they can’t follow through). I mean people who perpetually make promises but rarely follows through.

7.  PR who think my blog is for their free advertisements (this one is blogging specific).

8.  When I see kids who are disrespectful and their parents don’t say or do anything about it.

9.  The overuse of #’s. Don’t get me wrong, as a blogger and social media addict lover, I hashtag. Sometimes, I could probably be accused of overusing #. I mean the people who post a photo and hashtag the heck out of it… every. single. time. they post a photo.

10. Incorrect use of your and you’re as though they were interchangeable.

Okay, I thought this topic would be more difficult, even though I did have trouble coming up with 10 pet peeves, five were very easy to come up with. I pondered the remaining 5 for several hours and even thought about changing the topic to “5 Pet Peeves”, but I did come up with five more. 🙂

Check back next Sunday when the topic will be, “Describe a typical day in your current life”.

What is one of your biggest pet peeves?


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