How to Help You Kids Adjust to Wearing Eyeglasses

Getting your kids interested in wearing eyeglasses isn’t the easiest of tasks. Kids are often worried about what their friends and classmates will think of them. Yet, if your child needs to wear glasses, then you have to figure out a way to get them to enjoy it.

It can be similar to getting them to like broccoli or anything that’s beneficial to their health. While this can be challenging, it doesn’t have to turn into a battle royale.

Kids are naturally curious, and they want to be able to see clearly. There is nothing fun about squinting when in the classroom or feeling different from your classmates because you can’t see as well. All it takes is a bit of positive reinforcement.

Get Your Child Prepared

Now that you have received the news that your child is farsighted or nearsighted, you need to help them choose the right children’s eyeglass frames. It’s time to start planting the seeds that will make the transition to wearing eyeglasses much easier.

Sit down with your child and explain why it is important for them to wear their glasses. Let them know how many people wear glasses, even those without a prescription. Share with them how it might feel different at first, but they will eventually get used to it.

Then, give them the opportunity to ask questions. Answer their questions directly and positively. You might also provide examples of family members who wear glasses. Show them pictures of their favorite celebrities wearing glasses.

You might consider posting a college of their icons wearing glasses and hanging it up in their room. If you wear glasses, make a habit of wearing them while completing important tasks.

Overall, kids just want to be like mom and dad.

Pick the Right Pair of Eyeglasses

Now, it’s time to go shopping. You want to pick eyeglasses that flatter your child’s particular face shape. You can determine face shape by tracing the outline of your child’s face with lipstick onto the bathroom mirror.

Then, browse through magazines to see what color and styles your child likes. Buying glasses can be a fun excursion. Give your child ample time to try various styles; there is no need to rush them. There are so many kid-friendly frames on the market.

Then, you want to make sure they fit properly. If your child isn’t comfortable, then they won’t make a point of wearing them. You want something light that stays put and doesn’t slip off the bridge of their nose.

Also, it is important to remember that they want to be accepted by their peers.

You might even take their best friend along to choose a similar frame with non-prescription lenses to show support. Since kids grow quickly, you will eventually have to shop for a new pair again to maintain the right fit.

Encourage Them

Now that you’ve found the perfect pair, with a proper fit, your kid may not want to wear them. Don’t turn this into an argument, or they will become even more stubborn. Just be patient. It can take several weeks for them to get used to the daily routine of wearing glasses.

Just start slowly. Ask your child to wear glasses for short periods of time until they build it up where they are wearing them as much as needed. Then, let them put their glasses on in front of the mirror.

Kids like to see how they look. Also, get them to put their glasses on when doing something enjoyable. You want your kids to associate them with a positive experience. This way, they are more inclined to wear them.

After that, you want them to get into a routine. Have them put on their glasses once they wake up, and take them off before bed. After a while, this will seem normal to them–which, it is.

Also, you can get their teachers involved by letting them know that your child should be wearing their glasses during the day. Ask their teachers to continue with positive reinforcement.

Final Thought

Getting your kids to wear glasses may be easier than you think. It just takes the right approach.