Tips to spice up your summer party #FarmRichSnacks

I don't know about you, but I love throwing parties in the summer. Whether it's an impromptu kid's party, a bar-b-que, or a big Fourth of July bash, I enjoy a party durning the warm weather months. I enjoy the outdoors, and it's a plus that you can keep everyone outside for the most part and not mess your house up. Hey, I'm not a big fan of house cleaning, what can I say?

I've found over the years that with a little thought and planning, it's easy to throw a party that everyone will enjoy. So, I'd like to share with you a few tips to help you spice up your summer (or anytime) party:

Keep The Food Simple

You really do not need to make fancy appetizers or a five course gourmet meal. Especially for a summer party. I recommend Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites for an appetizer. There not too hot, or too cold — perfect for adults and kids. They're breaded and filled with creamy white queso goodness with just the right amount of spice. 

Just put them in the oven or fryer, and in just a few minutes your guests will be enjoying the warm gooey goodness of Queso cheese bites. Each delicious serving is only 190 calories. They're also a great source of calcium. 

As for the rest of the food, take advantage of your garden or your local Farmer's Market. Grill fresh in-season veggies along with lean meats. Or the everyone's favorites hot dogs and/or hamburgers. Besides, everyone's at your party to have fun, not to eat a big heavy meal.

Make It Inviting

Take the time to make seating, conversational. While your guests are eating their Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites, you'll want to make the atmosphere one that will encourage conversation. Seat chairs in a circle/semi-circle.  What ever the seating arrangement, keep it cozy.

Let The Music Play

Everyone loves music. It's a Universal language. So use your iPod, radio, boom box, iPhone, etc., and create a playlist that will keep the party groovin' for hours. Now I can't get the 80s song, "Let The Music Play" by Shannon, out of my head.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Okay, maybe not Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but games are a great addition to any summer party. You can set up a net and play badminton or volley ball. Or, maybe you can play horseshoes or our favorite Cornhole. And, it's also fun to have bubbles and small and large wants to let the little ones make bubbles all over the backyard.

Little Special Touches

Make your guests comfortable. Nothings worse than sitting outside on a summer's night and be eaten alive by mosquitoes (or bugs in general). So light some Citronella candles. Keep the area where the party is well lit. You can strand twinkle lights about, tiki torches, and candles, all make for a well-lit party, not to mention sets a pretty mood.

Keep buckets of ice available. And another great touch is buckets or baskets with bug sprays (Deet free), sunscreens, hand sanitizers, and quilts. It will be amenities your guess will appreciate.

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These are just a few tips I use to spice up a summer party, I'd love to hear some of your tips for spicing up a summer party!

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