Reliefband Helping This Mom Enjoy Amusement Park Rides

We usually get season passes to a local, and popular, amusement park, but I was debating about doing it this year. I enjoy it the first visit each year, but it becomes progressively less enjoyable when all I do is sit and watch my husband and son ride all the rides because I have motion sickness. Thanks to brands like today’s sponsor, Reliefband, for helping moms like me enjoy amusement parks.

Amusement Park Rides

I’ve never really enjoyed amusement parks. Well, to be more specific, amusement park rides; even as a child I never cared much for the rides. Because every time I rode a roller coaster I experienced horrible motion sickness. 

I mean throw up sick. Every. Single. Time.

As a child, this made me very sad. Now as a mom, it once again makes me sad. As I mentioned above, we get season passes to an amusement park, and for about 10 years now, I’ve heard my son ask why I wouldn’t get on the roller coasters with him. 

He gets it, and he’s cool about it anymore, but he would love it if I would ride the amusement park rides with him. The amusement park is a family thing, right?

Yet, as my husband and son ride all the rides, I sit and watch.

And wait. 

Bye-Bye Motion Sickness

However, the waiting is about to change. This spring when the amusement park opens, the only waiting I plan on doing is in the lines to get onto the rides. I am going to be wearing Reliefband. 

Reliefband is an FDA-cleared, clinically tested, and doctor approved wearable technology that helps control nausea and motion sickness.

Not only do I get motion sickness on roller coasters (any ride that goes fast and/or high), but I also experience nausea (from mild to severe) if I’m traveling in the backseat of a car. So I tested the Reliefband out.

We went on a mini road trip recently, and I volunteered to sit in the back, which thrilled our son, by the way, since he never gets to sit up front when we all three go out together. 

How to Use Reliefband

About fifteen minutes before we left I got out the Reliefband and…

Fifteen minutes later we were in the car, me in the backseat. I also want to mention that the pulses and tingling sensations took me a few minutes to get used to, but the longer I wore the device, the less I noticed it.

FYI, we were parked in our driveway for my husband to snap some photos, but I was wearing my seatbelt when we pulled out.

I found that either level 2 or 3 worked great for me. Now on a roller coaster or body of water, I might need to go higher, but for motion sickness in the car, a level 2 was good.

Something else I’ve always wanted to do was take a cruise, but because being on the water causes motion sickness, I’ve never even considered it.

Until now.

Guess who is looking at cruise packages for either this summer or my son’s next fall break? You guessed it, me!

Speaking of water, I wanted to get in this inflatable and run across the water so badly, but felt nauseous just thinking about it. My son had a blast, though.

I hate taking drugs of any kind and love having a drug-free option for nausea. This device has changed my life. 

How It Works

  • “Neuromodulation”: Reliefband proprietary technology uses the body’s natural neural pathways to regulate the mechanisms causing nausea & vomiting
  • When activated, the device emits gentle pulses to the P6 pressure point
  • These intermittent signals modulate the body’s natural neural pathways and block the sensation of nausea

I’m excited to have my freedom back and not be confined to sit and wait. Or worse, give in and end up embarrassed as I run to a corner to throw up. Now I’m in control.

If you suffer from nausea and motion sickness, I recommend trying Reliefband as a non-medication alternative. 

Do you or someone you know suffer from nausea and motion sickness?