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Plus Motif Tablet Case Covers by Papier de Maison – Review

I love gadgets. I have my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. I’m a bit of a geek… a techie. At the same time, I’m a girlie girl, who loves fashion and all things beautiful.

Just because I have an iPad, for example, doesn’t mean it has to look dull and boring. Just like with my clothing, I accessorize. Why shouldn’t I accessorize my gadgets?

And that’s exactly what I do.

Recently I received a Plus Motif Tablet Case Cover for my iPad, as well as an iPad Mini cover. Here’s a little information about the Plus Motif Tablet Cases from Papier de Maison:

It comes in 16 colors and is complimented by 72 different Motif Designs.  The Motif Design snaps easily on the cover to give a customized look to your tablet cover.  There is truly a style for everyone. It is what we call Fun, Fashion and Function in a Snap.  Every tablet case provides a notepad for jotting down things to remember and a 2 n 1 stylus pen that combines the function of a stylus and a traditional writing pen.  In addition each tablet case provides:

Here’s the price breakdown:

It’s so easy to customize your own look at From serious and all business to fun and flirty, you can easily find a cover to match your personality or style.

I love the MotifDesigner option… you can see what your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, or 7″ tablet will look like before you make your purchase. No surprises. And so many mix and match options to choose from that odds are great that you’ll have a rather unique to you tablet cover.

Check out this video to see the Papier de Maison covers in action:

My son wants the ivory case and Pirate Motif design for his iPad Mini. Papier de Maison was generous enough to send me two covers – an iPad cover and Motif design and an iPad mini cover and Motif design. I have an iPad and my son has an iPad Mini… the case I received for the iPad Mini is bright pink.

He is using it, because it’s just a color to him. We’ve never said “pink” is for girls, “blue” is for boys, to him. He loved the pirate Motif design, though, and thought it would look better with the ivory, red, or black cover.

I love the covers because it really does dress up my iPad.

I also like the notepad and pen (which is also a stylus). See, I’m old school, and like to jot things down with pen and paper, too.

My son is “new” school and he likes the notepad and pen because he likes to draw characters free hand that he finds on YouTube or google. He’s into sketching Angry Birds at the moment.

I received a blue cover for my iPad. Which I love, by the way. I find the covers to be quite functional, but functional doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Check out Plus Motif for yourself and customize your own iPad or tablet cover.

Disclosure: I received a product(s) to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine and my differ from yours.

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