OOTD: Cowboy Boots & Turning a Miss into a Hit

I’ve always wanted to wear cowboy boots but never felt like I had the right outfit. Honestly, when I was younger, I just felt like unless I lived in Texas or was a cowgirl, I shouldn’t wear them. Nowadays it’s not knowing what looks best with a pair of cowboy boots…

You know how some women look amazing in flannel but you feel like you look like a lumberjack in it? That’s how I feel about cowboy boots – everyone else looks so good in them, but not me.

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So a couple of years ago I bought a pair. They set in my closet for two years with the price tag still on them.

Finally, I wore them last Halloween to a party dressed as a cowgirl. Yep, I did!

I have not worn them since. I take that back… I did wear them with a pair of jeans that same week (with the jeans over them so you couldn’t tell anything about them.

While I was working a few weeks ago I happened upon a blog that had a sweater/cardigan, I think it was, that the blogger got from Vessos. It was cute, and I’d never heard of Vessos before, and clicked on it to check it out.

As I was looking at the clothes on this site I saw a dress that was not only pretty, but the model was wearing cowboy boots with it, and it looked gorgeous. And even better, the boots I own are camel and turquoise and would go with this dress perfectly.

It was less than $21, a steal! What do I have to lose, I asked myself? $21, I answered back. What the heck… at least I would finally have something to wear my cowboy boots with!

I ordered it. And waited…

And waited. It took over two weeks to get here. I’m an Amazon Prime member and want my packages fast, two weeks was forever. Okay, updated to add that Amazon Prime isn’t quite as quick as they used to be either.

Then it came! I was excited. I opened my package and… sigh.

Um, this is not what it looked like online. I went back and looked at it, and nope, it did not. I would not call this a “dress.”

More of an “undress.” The entire dress is very sheer and only has a few buttons. I might even describe it as a long kimono with 2 buttons or maybe a duster, I think that’s what they are/were called.

I was so disappointed. Not because of the $21, but I really wanted this dress to wear with my COWBOY BOOTS!

Cowboy Boots

Wait! I bought a slip dress that can be worn alone or as a dress/skirt extender recently and it just might work with it, I thought.

And work, it did.

Even though the dress was a huge miss, I turned it into a hit, by wearing it not as a dress, but as a duster, over the slip dress.

Last Saturday my son and I went to see The Little Mermaid, Jr at our local children’s theatre (Knoxville Children’s Theatre) and I decided to just go for it! This was the day I was going to wear my boots.

OOTD (Cowboy Boots)

What I’m wearing:

  • Ryu Women’s Cocoa Brown Lace Trimmed Full-Length Slip/Dress: Amazon
  • Floral Print Maxi Dress “Duster”: Vessos; Similar look: Here
  • Cowboy Boots: Shoe Show; You can Find Similar HERE
  • Chunky Wood Bracelet: Cato Similar Look: HERE
  • Necklace: At a flea market years ago


I also bought a pretty pair of white strappy sandals, something else I’ve never bought… yeah, I never wore white shoes before (at least as an adult).

I’ve bought another pair of cowboy boots since purchasing these. I think you can’t have too many cowboy boots in your closet. Check out my new white cowgirl boots. These boots are fast becoming my favorites. I’ll have to make a post soon showing off my white cowboy boots.

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This post was updated on 8/17/2023.